Absentee voter registration

I have a question about absentee ballots. I’m in Michigan

In April or May I filled out an application to vote by mail. I signed my application, I remember because I remember asking my husband to sign his. I received a call from our township clerk saying that we didn’t have an August primary but that I was signed up and would receive all future ballots by mail.

I have not received my ballot yet, my in laws received their last week.

Today I received mail from the township clerk, Mi absent ballot application. My husband and I are to sign this and send it to the township clerk. But I’ve already done this.

I will call the clerk on Monday. My question is if my application was lost, I’ve already received a call months ago that it was received, should I call and complain about this? And who would I call?

I’m VERY concerned about the fact that my application might have been lost and how this affects ballots during this very important election. Or should I be unconcerned that somehow my application has somehow been misplaced.


Do you have a state voter page? Here in Georgia, we can track our applications and absentee ballots. I saw that mine was received last month and the date, and knew it was mailed last week. It is showing in my Informed Delivery today.

I also know that one had to apply for the specific election and date, so if your application was for a run off or some other elections, it might not work for the November election.

Thanks @snowball. My understanding in Michigan is that once you sign up for absent voting, you will receive all future ballots by mail. No signing up for each election.

No where can I find any record of absent voting. Maybe someone in Michigan could help if there is?

Here is the link to track your ballot in Michigan: https://www.michigan.gov/sos/0,4670,7-127-1633-49313–,00.html.

I wouldn’t worry about the fact that you got another ballot request application. It may be that your township just sent them to everyone - it may have been easier than screening out those who had requested previously. If I recall correctly, the Secretary of State sent the initial absentee ballot request form prior to the August primary, and you could check off whether you wanted to vote absentee for August, November or both August & November. It’s possible your clerk just decided to do its own mailing, perhaps thinking people may have overlooked the initial request form because you didn’t have an August primary.

No matter what happened, the form is just a ballot request. As long as you end up getting & returning your ballot, all will be well.

Actually, I will add to this to say that your clerk should have already sent you and everyone else who previously requested a November ballot an absentee ballot based on your initial request. To make you redo a form you already sent & they acknowledged as received would concern me. I am not prone to jumping to conclusions, but I might do so when it comes to this particular election. I would ask my clerk why I didn’t get my ballot based on my initial request. Any other time in my personal history, I would have figured it was a mistake. Today, I would want to make sure my clerk wasn’t trying to advance a political point. We do have that going on in our state.

Thanks. EXACTLY my concern

I am more informed and frankly educated than the general demographics of my county. I will investigate, I wonder how many others in my situation would

Don’t confuse a Vote by Mail ballot with an absentee ballot.

An absentee ballot is usually for someone who will not be in Michigan (or in their city). Some groups who traditionally vote absentee are those in college who want to vote from their home address, military, those with a second homes and will be at the second home. In the olden days, those who were expecting to be in the hospital may have voted absentee. NOTE, some states only count absentee ballots if the contest is within 2% or so, and sometimes they aren’t counted until long after the election. I know in Florida absentee ballots from military (a big group) get an extra 7 days to get to the clerks for counting.

Now vote by mail is different. In Colorado, all voting is by mail (or really by drop off) and they send the ballot to the primary address. If you want to change that, you make a request and it becomes and absentee ballot. Everyone gets mailed a ballot without requesting it. All ballots, absentee, mail in, cast in person, must be received by 7 pm on election day. If you want to go vote in person, you can on election day or earlier, but there are more polling places open on election day.

Here the clerks have been sending letters and email and texts and everything to ‘check your registration’ and those in my household will get them at different times even though we all voted in the primary. I’ve gotten 2-3 email, my mother has received letters, and we’ve all received a lot of texts.

There are lots of double checks going on.

Michigan isn’t Colorado.


Just call on Monday. It’s very possible your ballot is in the mail on the way to you. It’s also possible you inadvertently checked the wrong box.

Regardless, your call will get the question answered.

Please name the state. I don’t believe this is true. In this election, it’s very possible that the majority if ballots will be cast absentee. The 2% thing, I believe, applies to provisional ballots.

In many places, absentee ballots will far outnumber in person voting. So…that being the case, the absentee majority of votes would need to be counted.

In states where absentee ballots are by request and the default is in-person voting at a polling place, the terms are typically synonymous. For example, in California, prior to this election (where they are mailing everyone an absentee ballot), anyone can request an absentee ballot, whether or not they expect to be at their residence on election day. Such absentee ballots were normally returned by mail, although there are now also drop boxes.

Michigan voters approved vote-by-mail-for-any-reason a couple years ago. This will be the first presidential election since the vote. Our SOS sent all registered voters mail-in ballot requests prior to the August election. On the form, we could check which election (s) we wanted the ballot(s) sent for. I am supremely disappointed in my township, which has no information on its website for voting, absentee or otherwise. I can’t even find the election inspector application. It’s so bizarre.

I did text banking today in Ohio. Which is not Michigan. :slight_smile: However as part of our training I learned that Ohio won’t start mailing out ballots until this coming week - I think it was Oct. 6 the same day our early voting starts.

So you should continue to figure it out, but know that other states have not sent them out yet as well.

@kelsmom thank you so much for the website to check on voter registration.

This is what it says
You are on the permanent absentee voter list. You will be sent an application for every election.

Your clerk has not recorded receiving your AV Application.

As I suspected. I sent the clerk the photo of my voter information and said that I will be calling Monday to straighten this out.

Disconnect between the clerk and the state, sounds like. Wonder how many others who are supposed to be on the permanent AV list are not properly recorded as such by the clerk?

The township clerk was the one who called me to tell me my application was received and I would now get my ballots in the mail. And then she forgot to record it. I wonder also how many others she forgot.

I also thought I was on the absentee/mail in list from a few elections ago through the future. Then the ballot (Wisconsin) did not arrive, so I requested one online and it showed up in the mail in less than a week. I am a bit mystified as to why the previous ballot did not show up, but glad to receive it quickly. My city had a vote in the park event that I worked today and I turned it in. I am not sure about other states, but our ballots need a signature and witness signature as well as name and address of witness on the envelope. If not complete with date and signature of voter as well as witness, the ballot is not valid.

Michigan does not require a witness signature.

Different state (NC) but we requested an absentee ballot/vote by mail ballot back in early August. Downloaded the form from the official site, printed it, signed, mailed back. Since then, we have received at least FOUR of the same form in the mail, sent by the state. Saying to fill in to request a ballot.

NC started mailing ballots at the end of August/beginning of September.

H called a few weeks ago and they said they received our request and we should receive them in the mail that week. All we’ve received are additional forms to request a ballot.

Early voting in person begins October 15 - if we have not received the ballots we requested by then, we plan to go in person to vote early.

People are careless, sloppy, and terrible at following directions.

Not us. Those of us that helped our kids through the college application process and then add money to their Roth accounts to make sure they are saving enough are going to be able to vote if we want to and have our votes counted. I’ll vote in person.

People show up at the DMV without the information they need in spite of the fact that the requirements to renew a license or register a boat or whatever they need to do are clearly spelled out in multiple places. They won’t be better about absentee voting. When going to the polls there is at least enough structure that most ballots cast can be counted. Much more opportunity for error in absentee voting.

And the places that haven’t cleaned up their voter rolls in years sending out unsolicited ballots are courting disaster, which may be their intention. They get no credit from me for trying to help people find a way to vote, because trying would look a lot different from what they are doing.

My daughter has received several mailings and calls to register to vote here at my home, in her married name. While she has used this address for a few things when she lived in the UK, she has never lived here or had a DL at this address. She is registered to vote in another state where she has a DL. Prior to 2017 she was registered to vote in our state, but at a different address.

The issues seem to be in sending the application, not the ballot. And there are safeguards for making sure only one ballot will be counted per person. It may take a few days, or even more, but I trust it will be done properly. I can wait for the results if it means we all have the opportunity to be counted.

I have no intention of standing in an hours-long line as I have done in the past, due to the very real threat of Covid. I sure don’t want people more vulnerable than I to have to choose between voting and getting sick (or worse).