Absolute EASIEST history class at Cal?

<p>Hey, so I'm taking a really hard class over the summer, but I need one more course to be full-time, so I'm looking to take a gen ed class. It seems that history classes are my best option.</p>

<p>I need the help of other Cal students: what is the ABSOLUTE easiest history class/prof at Cal?
Here's the list:</p>

<p>UCB</a> Online Schedule of Classes: Search Results</p>

<p>Don't give me a hard time; i'm not a slacker, I just am primarily focused on really learning and mastering the material in my major (EECS), which is already very, very difficult and demanding on its own. I don't need another 12 hours of homework and studying per week on top the the 15 or so that will already be taken up for the EECS class in which I am already enrolled. Thanks!</p>

<p>Edit: It has to be American history. Here are the options:</p>

<p>HISTORY 7B : The United States from Civil War to Present
HISTORY N131B: Social History of the United States: 1914-Present
HISTORY 136AC: Gender Matters in 20th Century America</p>

<p>If you need it for [AH&I[/url</a>], then note that History 136AC is not listed in the eligible courses for satisfying the requirement. You may also want to verify whether History N131B counts as History 131B for the purpose of the requirement.</p>

<p>In terms of fulfilling other requirements, History 136AC would be most useful, since it is an upper division course (of which you need two in the [url=<a href="http://coe.berkeley.edu/students/current-undergraduates/advising/HSS%20MASTER%20List%202011-12%20%203-30-11%20FINAL.pdf%5DCollege"&gt;http://coe.berkeley.edu/students/current-undergraduates/advising/HSS%20MASTER%20List%202011-12%20%203-30-11%20FINAL.pdf]College&lt;/a> of Engineering's humanities and social studies requirement](<a href="http://registrar.berkeley.edu/?PageID=ahi.html%5DAH&I%5B/url"&gt;http://registrar.berkeley.edu/?PageID=ahi.html)) and it fulfills American Cultures.</p>

<p>Thank you very much.</p>

<p>And does anyone have any idea how I would go about switching to a different lab & discussion time if I've already enrolled in the class?</p>