Absolutely *riveting* SAT II drama that you know you want to talk me through

<p>Going to be a senior next year, and I've only just taken the ACT/SAT in June. Took a subject test sophomore year that I had no business taking and will not be sending to colleges -- and that's it. No other subject tests. </p>

<p>I'm going to retake the SAT in October, and I <em>could</em> take two subject tests in November if it's absolutely required of me, but that's the thing: none of the colleges on my list require subject tests so long as I submit my ACT w/writing. </p>

<p>Obviously, terming the things recommended or required is almost irrelevant for ivys and that sort: you gotta take them. But I have serious doubts as to whether or not I could do well in more than the literature SAT II, simply because I haven't taken, say, AP US yet (which I'm taking as a senior). Took a Lit practice test and got a 760. </p>

<p>So, uh, do I gotta take these things? As in: if I don't, are my chances significantly reduced to the point that I should take another one along with the Lit even if I do poorly (~600, for discussion's sake) on it? Is it worth taking <em>just</em> the literature SAT II in November, even though my English... acumen (yeah, I'm cringing too) has already been demonstrated in the SAT I? Any input= much appreciated. </p>

<p>Relevant info:
SAT: 2030 (760 CR, 740 W, 530 M... this is the bigger concern right here and the topic of a whole different thread, maybe. I get As in Math; have no good explanation for it. I didn't study at all before and now I <em>am</em> studying... so hopefully it goes up.)
ACT: 30
The ever-evolving list: Reed, Whitman, Carleton, Grinnell, Oberlin, Pomona, Vassar, Middlebury, Kenyon, and some various other schools I like here and there that aren't quite as ridiculous to get into.</p>

<p>Just take them. Math II isn't very difficult, and if you take an AP science, just take the correlating subject test after your class is over.</p>



<p>Check out my SAT I math score, :)</p>

<p>I'm reasonably optimistic based on practice tests that I'll do... better... next time out, but let's assume that I'm just inherently bad at standardized math testing ('cause the ACT wasn't pretty, either). Couple that with the fact that I'm going to be a senior and my only AP science was after sophomore year (school offers 3 APs), and I dunno.</p>

<p>How many practice tests did you take?</p>

<p>If the schools you are applying to will accept the ACT with writing instead of the SAT II exams, and you have taken the ACT with writing, you are done. There are much better things you can be doing with your time.</p>

<p>A lot of the schools on your list are completely SAT-optional, or ask that you send three SAT IIs as an alternative (I know for a fact that Midd does this).</p>

<p>@Rush10 -- That would be zero, but I really don't think Math II is a good option for me. Not only did I do poorly on the ACT and SAT math, but because my school is kind of funky, I haven't even taken anything beyond Algebra 2, yet. And I'm going to be a senior. I think this is at least in part why my score is the way it is, but the point remains: I'd have more confidence with something besides Math. I like Math, or at least I don't dislike it; but math standardized testing doesn't seem to like me much.</p>

<p>@happymomof1 -- This is basically what I wanted to hear, but the college search inspires a special kind of neurosis which mandates me to post pleading threads on college confidential. Basically, I'm just concerned that schools will think I'm sort of a one-trick-pony with English and nothing else (which I like to think isn't true). I haven't encountered anyone on here with quite the range of SAT scores I have, and I'm worried a college might need a good subject test <em>in my case</em> because the other scores are so messed up. </p>

<p>@smorgasbord -- You're right, but the above is more why I am specifically concerned. It may or may not be rooted in reality (here's hoping not?), but it is what I decided to obsess over on this particular day.</p>

<p>Well, 760 on Lit (practice, of course, but well done!) is great. Say you get 750 and 730, in addition to a 760, on your SAT IIs. 2240 is nothing to scoff at.</p>


<p>I think my reading comprehension is failing me somewhere in here (which is a bit ironic, innit?). Are we talking about me getting a 750 and a 730 on two other hypothetical SAT IIs? Because that would be just peaches, but isn't going to happen. How thoroughly am I missing the point? :)</p>

<p>(Also, I feel like now is a good time to thank you guys for weighing in. I'm not entirely sure how much sense I'm making here, and am sure that I coulda phrased this all more articulately/succinctly.)</p>

Are we talking about me getting a 750 and a 730 on two other hypothetical SAT IIs?


<p>Yep. Think of all the SAT II exams -- there are bound to be a few where you could get 700+.</p>

<p>Your reading comprehension is just fine....
It appears you may not testing well in Math because your curriculum has not yet covered all of the material that is included on SAT/ACT. Thus, your good grades in math at school.
The Math SAT2 is probably not a good idea.</p>

<p>Echoing happymom, you may be over-thinking this if the schools you're considering will accept the ACT in lieu of SAT2's.</p>

<p>Otherwise, consider where your strengths lie. Are you good at a foreign language?
Do you enjoy history? Perhaps a subject you excel at and enjoy is a better test for you to try.</p>

<p>There is no substitute for practice, however.</p>