absolutely unbelievable.

<p>get a load of this e-mail.</p>

<p>Thank you for your interest in Stanford University. A review of your application indicates that required credentials are still missing from your file. Because the deadline to submit your credentials has now passed, we will consider your application under our Regular Review program instead of the Single-Choice Early Action program. </p>

<p>The application materials you originally submitted will be evaluated during Regular Review, and you will be notified of our decision in early April 2006. We also ask that you inform your guidance counselor of this change. </p>

<p>If you wish to withdraw your application from consideration under our Regular Review program, please indicate as such by replying directly to this email. </p>

<p>If you have any questions regarding this modification, please feel welcome to contact me at <a href="mailto:kreal@stanford.edu">kreal@stanford.edu</a>. </p>

<p>i guess i'm a regular candidate now, and all that hard work for early action's gone to waste.</p>

<p>i'm so ****ed off right now.
good luck to everyone in SCEA
i guess i'm in the regular pool now.
this definitely makes me wonder if stanford is my number one school now... WOW.</p>

<p>Wow. I'm sorry. That's unbelievable. Perhaps you'll have better luck in the bigger pool.</p>

**indicates that required credentials are still missing from your file.


<p>I am sorry this happened to you but you seem to be placing blame on Stanford for your not getting your folder complete by the deadline. Do you know what materials you were missing? Did you follow up on your folder? You certainly must have known that materials weren't in the adcom folder? Are you telling is this is a total surprise to you?</p>

<p>I'm very sorry...that's a nightmare come true.</p>

<p>I thought they said they could look at it anyways, without the document (or maybe that was just if it was a teacher rec or something not too important) which document was it?</p>

<p>^ yeah that's what I thought too. Perhaps you were missing SAT scores?</p>

<p>wow thats ridiculous. I know how ****ed id be if that happened to me so im rly sry.</p>

<p>omg that's terrible! Did you fax/send it in and they didn't get it? Yeah, I always thought the show would go on without a rec. or something.</p>

<p>yea i still havnt gotten an email, so i dont know if my fax got there. I called the person yesterday and they said u would have to go to Regular just because if u were missing any required part they said it was "incomplete" which sux since its not completely your fault...</p>

<p>I am really sorry that that happened to you. Dont give up though! Im sure you still have a great shot of admission! :)</p>

<p>Dude. Stanford pwnd you. Good luck w/RD.</p>

<p>whoa...good luck with RD</p>

<p>ouch! dont worry about it. you'll be fine...hopefully. find out what happened, what was missing. hey, also, you still get the benefit of them knowing that stanford was your to pick, so you dont lose any of that extra edge. the only diff is that you have to wait longer for their decision. and hey, the work hasnt gone to waste; you were gonna have to do it anyways, at least you got it done already and got some xp for the rd apps. good luck!</p>

<p>I'm a guy, so you're getting the most platonic online hug of your life.</p>

<p>I'm ****ed right now, one of my friends (you) got scr3wed in the butt by Stanford, and I don't like it. BEST of luck for regular review, send them a TON of extra stuff. Please don't be a stranger...</p>

i did know what was missing. the first time they notify you, they let you know of the missing materials. i was missing the secondary school report, which my counselor had sent in october 31st through mail. i guess i gave them the benefit of the doubt that it might have been lost in the mail, and didn't panic too much when i heard one of my files was missing. i gave the e-mail to my counselor the very next day, and when they say that they want missing materials by nov. 21st, i had gotten it to my counselor on nov. 17th, a thursday. she faxed it (electronically) and even sent it again through mail. and here i am, hopeless for early action. dont blame it on me, i knew what was going on and did everything in my power. i dont know how many people this happens to, it just sucks it had to happen to me. to answer your question: this is a complete surprise to me, especially coming from a prestigious university like Stanford.</p>

<p>my counselor is trying to pull some strings right now, i let her know about it right away. she called and is trying to check my applicant file to make sure everything is there or not. she'll get a call back tomorrow: hopefully it'll be good. i'm not expecting any good news, my good hopes about stanford have just about drowned with that e-mail.</p>

<p>wow, i thought it'd be nice to handle one rejection, and that way i could ease into getting all my other rejection letters from the ivies in april. but now it seems as if they're gonna come in one batch, if i dont get lucky</p>

<p>my SAT I's stand at a competitive score right now (2230), but my subject tests got 790, 750, and a 660. now i think i'll be taking some more tests in the january administration to get some more 700+ scores, and maybe even that elusive 800. you better believe i'm driven now, cuz this is really retarded.</p>

<p>thanks for the support guys, it's much appreciated. i guess the saddest thing from all of this is that i wont be able to enjoy it/remorse in it with you guys when the EA results come in. you guys are a great bunch, and i'm sure i'll hang around the board. but i just wont be able to feast in the anxiety everyone shares coming up to the december 15th day. it woulda been really fun to join you guys, but this has happened.</p>

<p>good luck to everyone, you guys have my prayers and best wishes. i'll still be around.</p>

**dont blame it on me, i knew what was going on and did everything in my power.


<p>In no way am I blaming the situation on you. So it was the school record. I have always encouraged all applicants on CC to use traking mail and your situation confirms that it is necessary. I cannot imagine the disappointment you must have felt when you read the email. Thanks for posting the more informative post and I am glad to hear that your HS counselor is trying to help you out. Keep us informed.</p>

<p>sorry, i didn't mean to seem like i was responding to your comment with anger. pardon that malicious tone, it tends to arise in times like these.</p>

<p>No problem, I am sure you have plenty of anger to spread around at this moment. What I cannot believe about the whole drama is that so many days elapsed w/o the report and that you had only one notification. Your counselor must have spoken with them and faxing should have been the remedy.......
I just hope you keep us updated and that you remember traking mail for your future stuff.......like any documents guaranteeing the acceptance, housing, FA etc. Don't rely on snail mail......it isn't worth the risk.</p>

<p>i didn't send the counselor recommendation: my counselor did it herself, so yeah..... but you know, this is all in vain. it's past the point and there's nothing i can do now about it but wait for the best.</p>

<p>best way to respond is by being proactive, not reactive. now it's time to turn it up a notch, juice my app up with like 3 750+ SAT subject tests, two jobs so i can support a homeless family downtown, and possibly find the solution to the AIDS epidemic in Africa over the weekend</p>

<p>it's gametime.</p>

<p>that's lame! it wasn't really your fault the counselor rec for some reason didn't get there or something. but you have a great chance for RD anyway!!! woot</p>