Abundance of EC's, not so good academically...?

<p>I'm a non-American International Student, and I'm taking IB. I just finished Junior year, and took my SATs for the first time in May. I'm taking Biology, German, and English Lit for my SAT II in June, and re-taking the SAT I in October. These are my scores;</p>

<p>CR - 560
M - 610
W - 620
= 1790</p>

<p>I am aware my SAT score isn't that good. :/ I can most definitely higher the CR and W. This is what I'm predicting as my IB predicted grades.</p>

<p>English HL - 5/6
Drama HL - 7
Economics HL - 5/6
Math SL - 5
German SL - 6
Biology SL - 5</p>

<p>However, to make up for these, I've got a very, very long list of ECs that I am very dedicated to.</p>

4 Years Basketball (2 on Junior Varsity, 2 on Varsity)
2 Years Varsity Tennis
Duke of Edinburgh Awards Bronze, Silver and Gold (Seven very tough hiking and camping expeditions)
Windsurfing & Tennis Lessons outside school</p>

<p>Creative Skills
Took a big part in the plays; Wizard of Oz, Blood Wedding, Oklahoma!, God & Death by Woody Allen, and Spring Awakening.
Senior Year I will write and direct my own play, and perform as the protagonist.
2 Years Electric Guitar & Singing in a band.
3 week "Acting for Film" summer course at the New York Film Academy in NYC.
In Sophomore year, I wrote a novella.</p>

<p>Community & Service
2 Years Student Council (Senior Year Executive Secretary & Treasurer)
3 Years Student Ambassador (2 Years in Executive)
2 Years "Care Squares" - Where I knit clothing for children in developing countries.
1 Year Student Newspaper
1 Year Yearbook Committee
1 Year Peer Support
1 Year Spirit Team
1 Year First Aid Courses
1 Year Operation Smile
And various fundraising for foundations such as the Kidney Foundation and Masterpeace.</p>

<p>I am hoping to double major in Film Production and Business Management.</p>

<p>And I'm applying to;
Chapman, UCLA, Pitzer, Loyola Marymount and USC in California.
But I'm really hoping to get into NYU...
Does anybody have any other suggestions for me in New York? And do you think I can get into NYU with my SAT scores if I have these ECs to compensate?</p>

<p>It seems that you are pretty involved in theatre. Would you be applying to Tisch at NYU? If so, grades and SAT scores matter less. To do your desired double major, Film Production and Business Administration, you would have to be accepted to Stern, the business school, and also to Tisch, the arts school. IMHO, doing so will be very difficult given your current situation. Stern is probably the hardest school to get into at NYU numbers wise -- most students have GPAs around 3.8 and SAT scores around 2200. Tisch has the lowest acceptance rate of all NYU programs, but is less dependent on grades and SAT scores. Even if you apply to CAS, you'd need around 2100 to be competitive.</p>

<p>I think UCLA and USC are similarly difficult to get into... so NYU, UCLA and USC would all be definite reaches for you. I don't know much about the other three that you've listed.</p>

<p>In NYC, I'd maybe look at The New School and the Fordham Lincoln Center campus. Both of these would be, more or less, matches for you, and they have an artsy feel to them.</p>

<p>What are your grades? And for NYU you really should get your SAT up. Not even looking at what they like I know they have a higher standard of SAT than yours. As for your ECs, (and this is my PERSONAL opinion) I don't think they are that good. It looks like you did a bunch of ECs junior year to boost your app. ECs are meant to tilt a person into a college if they are on the edge (IMO), but be the backbone of an application. But thats just my take</p>