Academic Atmosphere and General Vibe of Bryn Mawr?

My mom went to Bryn Mawr so I applied mainly because of that, however I’ve come to really like it too now. My main concern is the academic rigor of the it. How academically rigorous would you say Bryn Mawr is? I know it has a reputation for being challenging and people want to learn, which I obviously really like, but I also want time to join clubs and do other things. I want an environment that isn’t stressful and all about just studying. I have also adhd and am a perfectionist so schoolwork is usually stressful for me. My parents don’t want me to go to Bryn Mawr mainly because they are concerned that it will be too stressful after going through it firsthand. My mom also tells me that if she had to do college all over again she wouldn’t pick Bryn Mawr because of the academics. However, I know this was 30 years ago and I’m sure a lot has changed since then. I also didn’t get any merit scholarships or financial aid, so it will be full price which will be hard for family. I really want to go to a women’s college, but don’t know if it is worth 300k+ for a bachelors degree. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!