Academic Awards: Valedictorian?

<p>Even though I have not "officially" been granted such a title, I am currently on the way to being on this year. Could I still include this anyway under Academic Awards? If not, then where? Or, should I not even mention it altogether?</p>

<p>Just mention that you are ranked 1st in the class. They'll get the point. I'm kind of in your same situation.</p>

<p>But where, is my question</p>

<p>you don't have to!
the school provides your rank in the secondary school report.</p>

<p>(I know I'm just trying to see if I can't stick it somewhere anyhow. I like the look of it?)</p>


<p>or no, it must stem from some kind of insecurity.... =)</p>

<p>I'm not compensating for something if that's what you mean...</p>

<p>lol suuure</p>

<p>we need to stop taking over threads!
<em>steps away</em></p>

<p>how is that bragging???</p>

<p>He just wants to know where if he can, put his honorable award for colleges to see.</p>

<p>Zant and I have a bad habit of thread-takeover'ing</p>

<p>AlexMartin, it's ok. I was joking with him and he doesn't take me seriously. I think it's a great accomplishment. </p>

<p>Legendofmax, pfffttt =)</p>

<p>One day your thread monopoly will end. One day...soooomewhere oooover the raaiiiinbow! Oy vey, it's late and I have to complete my arts supplement. Screw life! ;)</p>

<p>aww you don't mean that! over the rainbow is princeton with all of us..that's a nice life!</p>

<p>I remember when I played baseball as a child in Little League and we had a rainbow show up like right in the middle of the field. We were all ecstatic and wondering if there really was a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow... but the end of the rainbow stopped at a portable restroom so we were all afraid to check...</p>

<p>lol that's gotta be symbolic, the end of the rainbow being a porta-potty...eww</p>

<p>And isn't that just what life's all about?</p>