Academic Awards

<p>Hi. Right now im a sophomore in high school
i was waonderign what kind of internships or awards to apply for (ex. RSI, National Merit). It would help if i knew what kind of things and dates i should be looking out for such at PSAT dates (im taking one this saturday) or other things</p>


<p>You don't really have to apply for the National Merit. You take the test in school and then you are notified next year. But how are you taking it on a Saturday?</p>

<p>If youre referring to me being a sophomore... my school allows sophomores with honors english and math to take the PSAT for practice in sophomore year and then for real in jr year</p>

<p>Oh. In my school 9-11th grades take the test, but it only counts for 11th grade.</p>

<p>by the way,does harvard care as much about rsi like mit?</p>

<p>There isn't any formula for getting into Harvard, or else thousands of people would be following it ;) but any highly competitive, highly academic program such as RSI will be well known to admissions officers at all the top schools. Where you decide to apply depends on what schools you think offer the best fit to you, and perhaps on where you think you have the most to contribute to campus life. </p>

<p>Good luck on your application.</p>