Academic dismissal email but in good academic standing?

Yesterday I got an email about being ineligible to enroll due to not making SAP. I admit I had a bad semester last spring but I really pulled it together: I made a 3.0 in the summer and a 2.5 in Fall which raised my GPA to a 2.2 from the 1.3 I got in Spring 2017. Does this sound like it could be a mistake? My advisor is taking really long to reply so who should i talk to about this? Should I appeal and if I should do I have any proof I can continue to improve?

How many units did you take each semester? How many did you pass? What is your schools SAP policy?

15 in Sp17, 11 in Summer 17 and 15 in Fall2017.

I only passed 10 in Spring but I passed all of summer 17 and fall 2017. Sap is 2.0 and above. I couldn’t find Any answers on what to do, last week my official status was even in good standing.

You must earn at least 67% of the credits you attempt. Each semester, the total number of credits you have attempted will be compared to the total number of credits you have earned.

Did you meet this criteria?

I have taken 36 and passed 32 if that is what you mean.

Yes, so I would definitely contact another advisor by meeting them in person or go to the Dean of your school to see why you have been dismissed.
Mistakes do happen.

Okay, thank you so much for replying!