Academic dismissal questions

First and foremost, I apologize if this is the wrong category. Still new here.

I cannot get it appealed. I still want to go back and that is what I am going to devote myself to for at least another decade (only 22 in age). GPA is literally less than 1, but I just can’t bring myself to give up. So I have a few questions:

1.) can I still go to a community college then transfer to a new 4-year institution I’ve never been at before? They don’t even know I exist.

2.). If question 1 is yes, will it be worth it? I cannot afford to waste time on a school that accepts me if it isn’t going to get me anywhere. Especially if said school will make it all look worse on my records.

3.) Speaking of records, will this stain on my record overwrite any or all progress I make in the future if I get back into a college?

4.) Am I gonna be hated or mocked for looking to get back in?

Finally, I will state again that for whatever reason I am unable to bring myself to give up. I’m not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but it is a real thing.

The first thing you need to do is figure out WHY your GPA is <1. Until you resolve that, applying to any college might be throwing good money after bad.

You can take one or two classes at a time at a CC, and get A grades. That will help. Perhaps consider pursuing an associates degree that would enable you to then get a job. Work…and then apply to college again as a non-traditional applicant.

Wherever you go, you will have to disclose your previous school(s) and provide a transcript. There is a database that schools check anyway.

Start with community college, one class or two (you need two for financial aid) and make choices that guarantee some possibility of success. Avail yourself of tutoring and whatever other supports you can.

If you think your failing grades were due to ADHD, depression, a learning disability or any other issue try to get diagnosis and treatment, then you will also have access to the Office of Disabilities and accommodations.

There is no rush. If you want to work for a year or two without school, that’s fine too. Be aware that there are adult learner, continuing education, degree completion programs and “non-traditional” students can also take classes one or two at a time at many universities.

It’s great that you won’t give up but be patient with yourself and make sure you set things up so you can do well. After a few years of doing well, that GPA and transcript won’t be an obstacle for you because you will have proof you can succeed via work and/or school.

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