Academic dismissal

<p>I just got dismissed from my current university and got denied reinstatement. I'm hoping to try and apply to a different college, but I'm not sure if that's possible with this on my transcript. I just need some advice and hope if you can give some! Thanks!</p>

<p>What were you dismissed for?</p>

<p>Falling below the required GPA, I was supposed to graduate in january too. Fml situation for sure.</p>

<p>Community College is always an option</p>

<p>Talk to them again and plead your case. Talk to anybody. They want you to graduate as well. Establish what you did wrong to make your GPA fall so much, then come up with a plan to rectify everything and present it. Don't quit just yet.</p>

<p>THANKS! I appreciate the encouragement!</p>