Academic Disqualification

<p>Okay so I messed up really badly… </p>

<p>I am currently a freshman and after my first quarter at UCD, I am put on AD. I was taking Workload English and Chem, along with RST 040 and Anthro 001. </p>

<p>I partied WAY TOO MUCH, barely studied, broke my collarbone playing basketball and had to keep going back home to SoCal because of family problems and financial problems. </p>

<p>Basically, my overall GPA was .5 because only two classes counted towards my gpa. I got a D in RST and F in Anthro. I got a D because I didn’t read instructions for my RST final correctly so I messed up when I could’ve ended the class with a C or B ( Got a B on my final) For Anthro, I got B+ on all my essays but just didn’t study for my midterm (because I broke my collarbone like a week before and I was on pain medicine 24/7) and final, I just knew I couldn’t bring it back up… </p>

<p>also, my family is going through financial problems so that did not make it any easier. </p>

<p>-.- so now, apparently like if you go to the meeting with your academic advisor and you just tell them what led me to this point and how you can improve it, I can get one chance. </p>

<p>BUT What are the chances that they would take me back…? </p>

<p>in high school, I was an International Baccalaureate (IB) and AP student and held many positions in ASB and Varsity Football… my GPA in high school was 3.6 unweighted to be exact. Like this is not me at all. I mean yes everyone messes up once in awhile but I messed up pretty badly and now I am scared to get kicked out T.T </p>

<p>I’m just going to tell my advisor straight up that I partied, had no time management and the problems I dealt with. It was also pretty hard not knowing anyone since I was from SoCal but yeah. </p>

<p>Any opinions…? I mean i know its ultimately decided upon the academic advisor but yeah. I would like to have your input on this.</p>

<p>Take responsibility during the meeting (don’t blame other people). Do your
best to convince them that you want to be there and are serious about your
education. When they give you that second chance, make sure and live
up to your part of the bargain. FWIW - my roommate got 2 second chances
and he didn’t change at all and is now no longer at school.
Keep in mind - ‘they’ want you to succeed.</p>

<p>Be ready to give them specifics about what you will do differently, not just vague assurances that you will “do better.” If you haven’t yet come up with any specifics, spend some time thinking about it and make some commitments to yourself about the specific things you will do differently.</p>

<p>jbourne: So your friend was on AD twice and they gave him two chances? okay that makes it a little better I guess. Yeah, I am going to take responsibility since it was all my fault. This is seriously a wake up call. I just need that one more chance.</p>

<p>alamemom: thanks for the tips.</p>

<p>yes, he was on AD after 1st quarter and didn’t bring it up during 2nd quarter either. They let him try again in 3rd quarter, but he ended up just living in the dorm room and not even going to classes. I don’t know if it is typical or not to get that extra chance. All I do know is he had to meet with someone to get the holds taken off so he could register. Good luck to you.</p>

<p>extra chance? you mean the third chance right? </p>

<p>i hear its pretty common that they give you a second chance after you already messed up… </p>

<p>I just feel like they would give me a second chance but still part of me has that little side that they might not but then again, I’m sure there are others that in my situation too… </p>

<p>yeah i already got my classes and stuff. just need to go meet with my advisor</p>

<p>As jbourne said above, take full responsibility for your actions. I agree with alememom about being ready to name specific things that you are doing to change your behavior. Saying what you are going to change and actually doing something about it are two different things. Once you do get that second chance, use this setback as a stepping stone to do your best now. I’m certain there are others in your situation and I’m hoping they give you at least a chance at fixing it. </p>

<p>I’m hoping things work out in your favor ashim21. Good luck.</p>

<p>yes, I don’t know if the third chance is common.</p>

<p>You should make sure that you actually have all of your problems taken care of before you come back. Nothing worse than messing up a second chance. Good luck, i hope you do much better next time!</p>

<p>I’d suggest seeing the residence hall academic advisor also, or the peer advisors, prior to the meeting. At the very least you can say to them “look, I’m serious about this meeting, I’ve been talking to other advisors.”</p>

<p>The main thing you want to get across is that you’ve learned from last quarter and you know the level of effort you need to put in, and you have a strategy on how to do that.</p>

<p>Good luck</p>

<p>So guys, I missed my academic dismissal meeting. My flight got delayed during the day and my meeting was at 2PM and my flight arrived at 1:30 at SAC airport. Causing me to miss my flight…</p>

<p>I called in and told them about my situation but they told me to send in my appeal letter only… Now my chances are really slim I bet but does anyone know anyone who missed their meeting and still got a second chance…? </p>

<p>-.- im so scared that I might get kicked out but then again, everyone is telling me I won’t since Im just a freshman and there are many others who are on AD after their first quarter…</p>

<p>Are you registered and taking classes right now? Go to the academic counselor dept for your college and beg for an interview. If they insist on just an appeal letter, then write a good one and get it in immediately. Ask them what the next steps are and how long you have to wait to hear something back. If you aren’t in class now, then your appeal is to get back in for spring?? Sorry, don’t know what else to say.</p>

<p>Yes, I am registered and taking classes right now. SISWEB told me to take at least 15 units so I am. I begged for an interview in email and calling but they said no. I just turned in my appeal letter as well as my doctors note, X-rays and such. They will have a decision and I should know what it is on Monday or Tuesday at the latest…
I think if I get kicked out, I would just have to wait for summer school since local JC use the semester system and not quarter. </p>

<p>I talked to others that were on AD, and apparently my chances of coming back are pretty big since I’m just a freshman but missing my meeting was pretty bad but theres nothing I could’ve done to stop it. Hopefully, the university sees that I am a freshman, my high school grades, reads my appeal letter and gives me a second chance. </p>

<p>sigh. so nervous now.</p>

<p>How much of a time window did you have between your flight arrival, if it landed on time, and your meeting?</p>

<p>Since they let you register, you are probably fine for this quarter. But you should be working hard because you are going to need a whopping gpa to bring up the one from first quarter! So, my advice - stop worrying about what they will say (it won’t change the outcome, just distract you from doing your best now).</p>

<p>OP: I’ve been under academic dismissal before last year.</p>

<p>Did they give you an email at your account? They may ask you to write a 2-4 page writeup asking you what went wrong and how you’ll improve/form better habits to get right back on track. Then you’ll have an appointment most likely with a counselor who you’ll have to talk to about your plea. You’ll then basically have a “contract” with the counselor, and give your full outline of what classes you’ll take for a couple quarters ahead of time.</p>

<p>Keep in mind that you generally need to complete 39 units within 3 quarters (fall, winter, spring) or 13 units on AVERAGE per quarter, and an average of 2.0 GPA as an undergrad, to be in good standing. They may also give you a chance to catch up and make up in the summer sessions as well to have 39 units and an average of 2.0 GPA to be in good standing. But yeah, remember that, and don’t screw up again.</p>