"Academic" Honors??

<p>On Page 6 of the Princeton App. (on the online one), they ask for your Academic Honors. Would this be where I would put down a published poem or winning an essay contest? Or are they asking for Principal's Honor Roll and what not? If that latter is true, where would I put things mentioned in the former?</p>

<p>I would appreciate any given help, thank you.</p>

<p>I used the Academic Honors section to fill in the achievements in the "former" category</p>

<p>Yeah, for that section I was pretty weak. I put down things like honor roll, national honor society, and national merit commended scholar. I was tempted to put "Who's Who Among High School Scholars," but I think that's a joke.</p>

<p>yes published poem and winning an essay contest are academic honors. i put my essay contests under that section</p>

<p>Don't list Who's Who</p>

<p>the princeton lady came to our school and said that if u have nothing better to list feel free to put it down :-D</p>

<p>haha, oh man.</p>

<p>OK. . .so it is the correct section for essay contests won and what not. . .that's what I needed to know. I appreciate the help guys.</p>

<p>is the national honor roll worth putting down? I heard from someone its a joke, and apparently a bit corrupt.</p>

<p>I put my essay stuff under 'Activities/Interests" : Writing. Then under the letters received, awards/positions held, that's were i put the contests won etc.</p>

<p>if you look at the Academic honors section, they specifically ask for academic honors/awards. They even put the word "academic" in bold. I think they mean "in class / honors to do specifically with school". </p>

<p>Hope this helps - just mi 2c.</p>

<p>essays and other academic related competitions are academic awards. thats what they are classified as</p>

<p>depends on where you live</p>

<p>Guess I'll email them and see what they have to say.</p>

<p>hey, can someone answer my question in my earlier post about the national honor roll, seeing as now someone said they think it is only in school honors.</p>


<p>should i put contest results on there? ive come top 1% in many canadian math phy chm contests. but they are also on my attached resume.</p>

<p>are trivia competitions considered academic competitions, should i list it under academic honors?</p>