academic index result for ED columbia for class of 2019 and previoius (accept, reject, waitlisted)

I am interested in Columbia and after looking at a few of their class profiles which detail their percent acceptance based on act/sat/gpa I was unsatisfied as I found the data to be limited and not very helpful. As a result, I am asking for all those who have applied to Columbia ED to use the college confidential academic calculator and put their result of their application with their academic index score. With the info I collect I will try to calculate the mean academic index acceptance as well as the percent acceptance based off of the academic index score. Once finished, I will share the data so that future applicants will be more informed of what the “ball park” is for applying to these schools.

the link is here:

also, if you want to put the year you applied that may also be useful

Closing thread.

You are unlikely to get the responses you desire; once applicants make their decision, their participation here diminishes.

If you want to go through the exercise, past applicants have posted their decision/stats. The HS class of 2015 link is below, and you can search this forum for previous years.