Academic Index

<p>Do you know what the average academic index is for accepted students at Yale? I know that 211 is average for the Ivys so I would imagine Yale is a bit higher (215-220?). How is a low 8 (225-226) viewed? Would I need some hook or a terrific essay to get in ED (basically is a low 8 a run of the mill applicant)?</p>

<p>AI is bogus.</p>

<p>Good question, I'm a low 8 as well and I wouldn't think 8's would be incredibly common (at least not more than 50%). ivynut's got a point though, from what I've read the AI is really just used for athletes.</p>

<p>Oh yeah, Yale is Single Choice Early Action, not ED.</p>

<p>according to A is for Admission, AI started out as for athelets, but now it's also used as a basic ranking</p>

<p>Oh yeah, thanks Nameless. Does anyone know if the early action at Yale increases your chances of acceptance (like ED) or if is bascially the same chance but you know in December (like some EA)?</p>

<p>Higher acceptance rate, but the applicants are usually stronger, and more likely to get in anyways.</p>

<p>A is for Admission is incorrect on this point, and always has been.</p>