Academic Integrity Violation Report

So, this past Monday I made the biggest mistake of my life. I was taking a final for Botany and the final was super easy but I looked over and saw my good friend struggling and she wasn’t doing too good in the class where as I have an A in the class. So, I pulled out a small eraser and wrote the answers down for her. I got up and was handing in my test and dropped the eraser on her desk. The professor saw me and got up right away to grab the eraser and he told us we’d have to take it up with the dean. My heart literally almost fell out of my butt. I was so shocked as it’s my first time ever doing something like this. We sit next to each other every class but never have gotten the same answers or test grades even we’ve never cheated off of each other. He let her finish the test, and we left. I wrote him a long email and sent him a video apologizing profusely and telling him that I just didn’t want her to fail and that I did not cheat or look at her exam at all and she shouldn’t have the same grade as me. And, I apologized and even cried to him in the video apologizing and telling him how I’m an A student in his class and have never cheated on his test.

He reported it to the dean and I got an email saying there was a report filed. According to him he filed a report stating that it was a level three violation and we were collaborating during the test. I feel most shitty of all cause I don’t even think my friend realized what I was doing. She didn’t even know what I gave her. On the report he wrote that he wants us to fail the class and I’m graduating next week. I’ve worked so hard in this class and have tried so hard and because of one mistake he’s going to fail me for the whole class. I have passed with atleast a B on every test, I’ve done everything in the class. I have an appointment with the dean tomorrow and I’ve had three finals after this one and I think failed each one. I haven’t eaten or slept in the past 3 days because I’m so upset with myself. I understand what I did was wrong and I am suffering the consequences currently physically and mentally. The appointment with the dean will finalize and decision the dean makes. The professor has not reached out to me, or contacted me back and has no office hours or phone number.

I just want to know what else I could do besides wait? And if it’ll end up on my record I was planning on applying to PA school this fall and now I feel like my life is in shambles. I really am a good student I just made a bad decision, idk what lead me to think this was okay

Immediately stop trying to contact the professor. It will look like harassment and will only lead to more trouble for you.

You need representation through the administrative process so you don’t waive any rights. Do your parents know about this incident?

"Immediately stop trying to contact the professor. It will look like harassment and will only lead to more trouble for you.

You need representation through the administrative process so you don’t waive any rights. Do your parents know about this incident?"

I didn’t contact the professor besides the first time apologizing.

Yeah I just told my mom today because I look like death. And, she was also very disappointed in me, I don’t think she can do anything.

You have made a serious error. Trying to redirect your attention to how well you did previously in the class is not going to help, since all of that work is now suspect. Your professor is likely feeling betrayed partially because you did look like a promising student.

I don’t know what the specific disciplinary procedure is at your school, but you will likely want to speak with your academic advisor. However, don’t anticipate that you’ll be allowed a retest, or even a penalty-free withdrawal.

Ok, with the mention of “office hours” and “phone number” for the professor it sounded like you were trying to contact the professor again.

You need to thoroughly understand the disciplinary process. You must be consistent in your telling of the sequence of actions. Write out a timeline. Don’t admit to doing something you did not do. If you are allowed to have representation or support during the process get someone. A second set of ears is important.

As a faculty member, I hope the crying video doesn’t become a thing.

You messed up, If your friend was innocent, put your effort into making that clear.

The object isn’t for you to get off without penalty, the object is to preserve the integrity of the academic process.

Don’t do the video thing again, ever. In your work career, don’t send videos like that to your boss, ever.

Apologize and take responsibility for your mistake which includes letting administration know your friend didn’t ask for any help and it wasn’t her fault.

Although this is understandably upsetting to you, you will be able to move on from this. Best wishes for navigating the process and for success going forward.