Academic Misconduct

<p>hi guys,
I'm a UCSD student. Yesterday night I received a letter from my college stating my professor reported me for the academic misconduct( final exams is similar with someone's). I didn't copy anyone's exam during the exam. However, my friend was sitting next to me, probably he copied my Multiple choice answer. Therefore the first part of his exam are the same with me. For the course, almost all of my exams score are much higher than my friend's so I have no point to copy his answer. </p>

<p>Now, my college require me and my friend meet the dean to see if we accept violating the academic dishonesty. However, I'm currently not in states so I can't get back to the campus. Anyone had the similar experience? I commit no crime, I wouldn't admit of cheating but seems the professor has asserted I allowed my friend to copy my answer. I feel so ****ed now. Any suggestion?</p>

<p>Your academic standing is in jeopardy so you must return to campus and defend yourself.
By not showing up for the meeting you will have no representative and the cheater can say whatever to save himself.
Your family will now have to pay for you to get back- paying full plane fare.
You were stupid for allowing yourself get in this position.
And you got caught.
Now you need to fight to stay enrolled.</p>

<p>I feel so sad of it. I didn't even know my friend had copied my answer because the MC part is just a small proportion of the exam. 70% of the exam is long question I believe my friend was unable to copy. </p>

<p>My home town is in not U.S. I get back because I got some family emergency.. I don't even know how to tell my parents about this. w</p>

<p>You must tell them so you can fly back.
Of course, they will be ashamed and disappointed you got yourself in this position.
What is done is done.
You must defend your innocence.
Good luck.</p>

<p>thanks for the suggestion...</p>

<p>you really need to try to get back. if you dont show up, you wont be able to defend yourself and could not only get into serious toruble with the school, but if you ever want to transfer, it could reflect very badly. to the point where some colleges may not want to take you. in the future, need to be a lot more careful. good luck</p>

<p>I'm probably going to hazard that you weren't so innocent. It's usually insanely obvious when someone is trying to copy your answers down, and the prof wouldn't accuse unless he was 99.99% sure.</p>

<p>You have to get back and flat out deny everything. They'll grill you like the police and do all sorts of tricks to get you to admit it like saying the other guy already said it was you etc etc. If you're found guilty then it'll go down on your transcript that you had academic dishonesty and no one will hire you.</p>

<p>You have two choices: return or jeopardize your academic standing with the school. There's not really a third option. Sorry.</p>

<p>When does your academic semester start? I imagine if you're an international student and will be back in a few weeks anyway they might be willing to let it go for a little bit of time or give you a little leeway on when they're going to hear your side of the story.</p>

<p>You guys are acting like he can't call the school and explain his situation regarding getting back stateside. You also act like getting an XF is akin to a dishonorable discharge or a felony. It's definitely not good by any means but some of you are making it out like he either goes back right now or he'll end up cleaning toilets all his life.</p>

<p>OP, call your school and explain that it's hard for you to go be there in person since you'd have to buy a plane ticket or whatever. It's worth a shot at least.</p>

You also act like getting an XF is akin to a dishonorable discharge or a felony


<p>That's because it is that bad. Having an academic dishonesty mark means your entire degree is tainted. Your GPA means nothing. Your professional reputation is zero. Why would an employer even come near you when there's dozens of others who have a clean slate? Your GPA will also get bombed with an F and in extreme cases you can be kicked out of the department or college.</p>

<p>The key is either not getting caught or not putting yourself in a position for someone to screw you over.</p>