academic misconduct

Hi, I was recently reached by my professor that I had suspicious aspects in my midterm. I wasn’t in the right mindset when taking the test and I may have consulted third-party sites while taking it. My life is literally in a spiral right now with everything going on in the world and my family situation is just in the worst case right now and now this situation is added in my plate. It is for an elective class and I wholeheartedly regret even doing it. So I decided to just admit with honesty and was proposed with a consequence of sanction of a 0 in the exam. Although I dropped the class and decided not to sign the misconduct and I see no point of taking the sanction when I am not in the class anymore. I dropped the class because I feel that I am way too busy and focused for my other class and I just haven’t been devoting my time for this other summer class. I feel like it was just the best thing to do with my current situation. But my professor recently asked if I was going to sign the misconduct file. I just don’t know what to do or how to get out of this situation… worst case scenario it will go on my record but I’m really scared that the academic misconduct goes on my record.

It does not matter whether you dropped the course or not in regards to the misconduct. Your misconduct doesn’t disappear nor does it suddenly have no consequences.

I am sorry, but “I wasn’t in the right mindset when taking the test and I may have consulted third-party sites while taking it.” does not indicate to me that you actually regret having cheated.

“I may have”? Seriously?

You are neither taking responsibility for your actions, nor are you even admitting that you did anything wrong.

You are, essentially, asking for help in avoiding the consequences of your own actions.

My advice - grow up and take responsibility for your misdeeds. Sign the misconduct file, and resolve to never do anything like this again.

Consult your student handbook & consider consulting with an attorney who has experience in such matters.

My advice based on the very limited information shared by you in this thread: Do not sign anything without consulting an attorney ASAP.

P.S. Why sign anything ? Is it a “negotiated settlement” ? (For Example: I agree to drop the class on the promise that there is / will be no further penalty or record of any such allegation of academic misconduct.)

Does the statement read:

I withdraw from this class under suspicion of academic misconduct. I will not contest a grade of zero on the midterm examination as I took it while under significant stress related to personal family matters. I cannot handle emotionally or psychologically any further turmoil at this time. I neither admit nor deny any wrongful conduct.

This is not legal advice. This is just an example of what you need to discuss with a properly licensed attorney ASAP.

You need to seek the advice of an experienced attorney so that you understand the potential consequences of any action or inaction taken in regard to this matter.