academic planner

<p>For the past 5 or so years, the parent group at Ds school have supplied students with student planners- where they could keep track of their assignments. These have been critical to D, as she often forgets critical pieces of information if not written down, and they were personalized to the school, with maps of building etc.( It was even in her 504 that her teachers would check to see if she had things written down)</p>

<p>Unfortunately, the student planners this year, are too small to write in, ( more like the free calendars Hallmark used to pass out) and she is in need of a replacement desperately.</p>

<p>I haven't even been keeping my eye out, because the school generally supplies these things, so now I need help finding something small enough for her to carry in her back pack, but large enough so that she can write class assignments in some detail.
Anyone have anything that their kids like?</p>

<p>We have something like this that we pass out to the students every year but it has all our rules, calendars etc. inside.</p>

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<p>Looks like you have to purchase multiple copies. What about the calendar planners at stationary shops? They are similar just more drab.</p>

<p>The Middle school my son went to also provided great sized planners. I just looked at Staples for something to use for my son to put all his college dates in and they had a decent supply of day planners geared towards students.
Another good place to look is the college bookstore. If you have a community college nearby they might have something that they have made for their students. Where my D was at school last year they sold spiralbound planners that had the school logo printed on the front.
My son a senior in high school now just has a piece of blank paper in the front of his binder that he writes the assignments on. He then replaces it every few weeks. It is not nearly as good of a system and much falls through the cracks.
I would think that you should look quickly as they back to school supply aisle will be replaced soon with the Halloween and Christmas junk. I noticed at Costco yesterday that the aisle that had had the school supplies now already has Christmas decorations. Geez it isn't even Oct yet.</p>

<p>I just checked at Staples online and they have a variety of academic planners. Just do a search for academic planners. They have different formats and different size paper.</p>

<p>We found one at the UW bookstore that worked out nicely. It had enough room to write down assignments but wasn't bulky. Kind of plain, but that was also one of the selling points...not bulky in an already full backpack. Used that system for a number of years. Our local high school finally put together a decent planner (took a few years to finally get it "right") that my kids now use semi regularly (a school group sells them as a fundraiser). Only downside to the school version is half the kids use it and they all look alike.</p>

<p>I have liked the Mead Upper Class brand of planners, slim and plain, but enough room to write down any info that I ever needed. (approx 5.5" x 8.5" , week in view). Check out your local office supply store in the calendar section or ordering online is always an option.</p>

<p>Gee, and I joke when D1 continues to ask her younger sister to send her the high school planner each yr...there must be a "difference."</p>