Academic Probation Advice

<p>Hi Guys I am in panic and I need help.</p>

<p>I only passed one class this semester and was on warning and now on probation and i am a senior. I was under going chemotherapy and the treatment the treatment had some side effects which I was diagnosed with Cognitive Dysfunction Disorder. I am on medication it is working but I am worried that with 6 classes remaining that the board will rule in my favor? I have proof and all is detailed in my letter. What is the chances for me to get my stay approved?</p>

<p>My letter is attached.</p>

<p>Dear Academic Review Panel:
My name is ____, a senior in the College of Business and my major is accounting.. I am writing this letter in an appeal for academic suspension. I was placed under academic probation after the spring of my senior year and was unable to meet the requirements set by the school. I take full responsibility for my failure and I have made a plan to ensure future academic success. The main reason for my failure is because of a very bitter divorce, and my battle with cancer. (Ref 1) In January of last year while going through a divorce I was fight cervical cancer. It was very hard for me and I had to withdraw from all course except for one. I was doing very well in tax and I thought just concentrating on that one class I would be able to continue my studies. I completed the treatment and started summer but still had difficulty. Concerned, I spoke to my oncologist with the VA and they said that it was nothing. So I continued, in the fall I started off well but unfortunately my cancer had returned. I started treatments in December 2013 for 6 weeks and chose a treatment that will allow me to function while attending school. I completed the treatment at the end of March, and my cancer is back in remission. (Ref 2) In the first week of April, I started see more problems. I would study for hours, and was not able to retain anything even simple concepts were hard for me. I went to my oncologist and explained the issue. I was tested and found out that I had the condition Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. This condition is a direct side effect of chemotherapy. My physician prescribed me medicine which is working. It was however too late for me to show this in my classes. Now that my issues of cancer and divorce are behind me I have devised a plan to position myself for academic success.<br>
I am committed to achieving success academically. I have a timeline of the classes I am going to take and the rationale why I am taking them. (Ref 3) In order to adhere to this plan I am self-employed running a freelance bookkeeping and tax preparation business. I have cut my workload down to 4 clients all of whom I only provide payroll. This again is to totally focus on my education. It is a wise decision because it allows me to study and still very be capable of taking care of me and my family. This will not place undue burden on us. My mother who helped me through my chemotherapy is staying to assist me while I concentrate on performing my best in school. I have also hired a tutor for accounting as well as operations management. (Ref 4) This will help me assist me understanding concepts allowing me to excel in those classes. I will also use the student success center extensively. I also chose these classes in this order because I will have support and help. If allowed to continue I have already started preparing for my accounting course 302 by pre-reading the material before classes begin before summer session starts. I will continue this strategy with all my courses to give myself the best possible chance of getting good grades. This recommendation came from the emails I received from the student success center.<br>
This late in my college career poor judgment of my illness and my divorce took a toll on my academically. I am 44 years old and want to be able to take care of my son properly. The only way to do this is through an education. The actions I am taking to reach my long term goal of expanding my business and securing my son’s future. That is why I am humbly asking the board to please allow me to continue my degree and graduate.


<p>I think you have a good chance but I think you need to make sure that you proofread your essay before you turn it in. There are some sentences that aren’t logical in explanation. Try to go over to the English Tutoring Center at Perry Library to go over your essay. It would help the review board to rule in your favor. </p>