academic probation question

<p>Hi everyone. I have quick question here. I attended a community college in 2007-2008. My first and second semester I received mostly B's and a couple C's and a couple W's while attending part time. Then in 2008 during spring semester I started going full time, but I was doing really bad in my classes. I was then talking to a friend about this. I asked him that if I drop all my classes and just take the W's, would it somehow showup, if I started attending another community college. He was pretty sure of it and told me "no" you'll be find it'll be like starting all over. So I dropped all my classes mid spring semester, hoping that I could start over at another community college. Well he tells me what he said was wrong a couple weeks after that.
So now I am stuck in this situation. I have 6 W's on my transcript, and I am on academic probation. So what I want to know is that, If I go to another community college will I still be on academic probation and will the W's still be on my records. Or is it possible to start over if I attend another community college?</p>