Academic Renewal.

<p>Hey guys,
I've Recently heard about CC from a friend and thought id give this a try, I am currently attending a community college in California and about to apply to the CSU's however I have some classes that I took in the beginning of my freshmen year which I had pretty bad grades in (flat out F's) and I don't really need them I was confused about my major at that point anyway I am applying for an academic renewal so that I don't HAVE to retake the classes which I don't need my question is that one of the policy's for academic renewal is that the quarters I want to get erased must have been 2 years ago and it's not been 2 years for me. Is there anyway to get around that I meet all the other requirements and also tried to contact the dean of couseling. PLEASE HELP ME AS THIS ACADEMIC RENEWAL WOULD HELP ME OUT A TON!!! </p>