Academic Rigor and Grad school prep at Puget Sound?

Hi, I am deciding where to attend this fall and am leaning towards Puget Sound, but I’d like to know a bit more about how difficult the course load is. I’ve taken the most difficult courses at my high school, and I really want to be academically challenged in college. The classes and seminars look really interesting at UPS but I just want to make sure I will receive the prep I need for grad school. Do a lot of people from UPS get into the top grad schools? I hope to go into something in health sciences, maybe public health.
If this helps, the other schools I’m considering are UC Davis and UC San Diego.
Can anyone speak to the compared difficulty of the coursework?


I don’t know what research opportunities are available for undergraduates, which seems to be a criteria for grad schools. But UPS has a good history of getting their students into graduate programs. I’ve met a few UPS grads who received their graduate/professional degrees from the UC system.
BTW this year a UPS student was named a Rhodes Scholar and a Marshall Scholar - an incredibly rare feat.