Academic Rigor WPI vs Clarkson

How big is the actual difference in rigor and effectiveness in the engineering departments of WPI and Clarkson? WPI is obviously more selective and slightly more prestigious but when it comes to the actual academics without factoring in the student how big is the difference?

Engineering is going to be hard everywhere!

ABET accredited programs follow very similar curriculums.

Are you still second guessing your decision to ED at Clarkson?

ABET accredited programs will cover similar content for the same major (although some majors have more or less variation or in-major electives than others, and some colleges may add additional content generally or for specific majors), but they may organize the curriculum differently. For example, WPI’s calendar is unusual, with four 7-week terms per academic year, rather than two 15-week semesters or three 10-week quarters per academic year.

WPI also has proejct-based learning:

Clarkson is more traditional.

WPI: 60-40 male/female ratio
Clarkson: 69-31

Haha, my threads kinda follow a similar path don’t they. This was more of a last question to throw out there after the barrage of pamphlets and email.

I wouldn’t say second guessing. If anything It is as if the choice of Clarkson has come suspiciously clear. (if it makes any sense, like a feeling that I must be forgetting some factor, but I genuinely like Clarkson) and There many reasons to go to Clarkson for me but there will always be things here and there that other schools are better at.
Feels good to know the differences to ease that sense I’m forgetting something.

Thank again for all the responses (throughout all the threads)!

I get it! No one school is perfect. At some point you’ll have to commit, but you have many months to figure it all out. WPI has some very cool and unique features (and a beautiful campus IMO), but at the end of the day, would they be worth the higher price tag? For me/my kids I would say no, but that’s something each person has to figure out for themselves.