Academic/Social Life: how do you find a balance


<p>I feel that I have been too much into adademic stuff since school started. Although I already made tons of friends, but I still find little time to go out.</p>

<p>Any tips, suggestions???</p>

<p>Thanks A LOT</p>

<p>Sammywu, where do you go to college? A lot depends on that.</p>

<p>It can take a while to make the switch from a high school schedule where there is so much class time, to college where so much is done independently. My daughter is in her second year at school and is still figuring all of that out. </p>

<p>Each semester can be different, depending on how heavy your chosen course load is. One thing my daughter is going to try not to do in the future is to take only what she knows will demanding courses during a semester. She has done that each semester thus far and is constantly walking the fine line between being ridiculously busy and being on overload. Another big challenge is gauging what assigned reading is important. There are courses where reading all of the assigned works is an impossibility and the trick is figuring out what is necessary for class discussion and the exam. You can assume that there are always going to be a some crunch weeks before midterms and finals but during the rest of the semester a person should be able to juggle school and a life.</p>

<p>I agree with my daughter's accessment of her course load and have encouraged her to re-evaluate how she is setting up her schedule each semester. (perhaps taking two lab sciences plus three other demanding courses at the same time is not such a good idea) ;)</p>

<p>I have been told that, heaviness of course load aside, setting up a regular study schedule as you get a feel for the work load each semester helps...rather than just winging it and studying whenever. Then you will know when your free time is and you can plan activities with your friends.</p>

<p>I go to a school at rips me off big, puts lots of $ on football, and located in a horrible neighbor. But my school got pretty good social scene. (LOL, I think now u know what school I go to)</p>

<p>Just to make to matter worse, I am an EE major (one of the worst majors, in terms of work load.)</p>


<p>yeah, I think it is better for me to do a regular study schedule.</p>


<p>sammywu- the school is able to put a lot of money into the football program because the program MAKES a lot of money for the school. Something like 20- 30 mil last year. Have you been to a game? If not, I think- nay, i KNOW, you should try it out. That would also be a start from breaking out from being too academic. And also, it's just plain, amazing fun. If you're not into the whole party scene, try joining clubs that interest you. You will be able to do something fun, and meet people with similar interests. There are hundreds of clubs on campus, so you should be able to find something.</p>

<p>Two suggestions:</p>

<p>Join a study group for some classes. That way you can combine studying with some socializing.</p>

<p>When you sign up for classes, consider whether your schedule leaves you some big blocks of time. A half hour here or an hour there really don't allow you to do the kind of intense study you need to do in college courses.</p>