Academic suspension appeal for financial aid

I was addicted to drugs for a long time and i failed several classes while attending college. I was put on academic suspension and i cannot receive financial aid now. I can’t afford to go back to school but i do not meet requirements for financial aid because of my academic suspension. I need to write a letter for my appeal and i want to get help in what to put. Here are some details:
-I went to rehab a few times throughout the time i was in college. I am getting those records/documents to attach.
-i went to prison. Should i include this or not? My college knows that i went bc i had to tell them when i was readmitted by i am writing to the government asking for financial aid, not the university.

-i am clean and sober now. 18months.
-i work at a drug and alcohol facility and i have a certification to facilitate groups. My employer is writing a letter for me. He wants to know what it should say though??
-i took 16 credit hrs last year and got a 4.0 for all of those hours
-my gpa went from a 1.99 to a 2.49

Help would be appreciated. im under a lot of stress

Sounds like a problem for @Hanna

Who are you writing to ‘at the government’? FA appeals go through the school.

Who are you sending this to? If you were convicted of a crime related to drugs, you were required to include that on your FAFSA, and I believe that makes you ineligible for federally funded aid.

There is no one at the government level who fields these types of things as far as I know.

@kelsmom?? @mommdc??