Academically Disqualified; hoping for readmission

First enrolled in Fall 2017 (bad grades then academically disqualified in Spring 2018 because of bad grades again. What a nightmare. Then spent the next 2 years as an academically disqualified student and enrolling in Open University. So far, 80% of my classes are C’s and 20% of the remaining are B’s. Now I just submitted my application for Fall 2020 via CSU Apply and hoping the hell out of it that I will be accepted. As a former CSUF student and a getting a GPA of 2 point something, will I have a higher chance of being readmitted? All I ever wish for in the world is to be readmitted ASAP and get my Bachelor’s right away. Thanks and please wish me well!

After your academic disqualification, did CSUF specify a specific GPA requirement needed for readmission?

They said at least a 2.0 GPA and I barely reached to 2.08. The counselor told me that same thing. I’m so damn nervous. Of course that bad things can happen often. I really want to be readmitted.

What is your intended course of study?

What will cause you to do better if you were to return to university? What went wrong when you were in university?