<p>Hi, I was wondering how highly academics played into the musical theatre program at American? Right now I have around a 3.2 (recently dropped) GPA unweighted, and I can definitely raise it by the end of the year. I"m a junior, by the way. Is this out of the ballpark academically for American and its theatre program? Thanks!</p>

<p>I doubt the acaemic criteria for admission for theater is any different than for any other major. It is a BA school and you must be admissable by the admissions office. It is too hard to weigh your chances with so little information given. A GPA is looked at in context with how rigorous of a curriculum you have chosen. Your class standing, SATs, and much more will be factored in. That said, if you are a junior, I suggest you put your greatest effort this year into doing all you can do to get the best grades you can muster. If you have an upward trend in grades, that can help.</p>