Academy Stories

<p>Hello, I just finished reading Tales from Annapolis and I thought it would be interesting to read any special stories, events, or moments that took place at the academy that USNA grads or parents would like to share.</p>

<p>Mainly this is a thread designed to show the reasons why the USNA is so great, through stories and memories those who have gone before us (the hopefuls :) ) can give us examples of life at the academy and motivation for the challenge ahead.</p>

<p>Not everyone knows that Bancroft Hall has a 'mouse issue'. The ever-resourceful mids have many ways to deal with this.</p>

<p>One funny one was last year when she was a Plebe..</p>

<p>our daughter in 24 company happens to form up for meals right up against one of the inside walls of the T-court complex. As she is standing there maintaining her bearing...a window opens from the top floor. Out is thrown a mouse - with all limbs having attached a napkin parachute. Yes, the mouse flew down with the napkin. It was so funny the poor plebes worked very hard not to laugh. Fortunately, their Company Firsties started laughing and before long the entire formation on that side was cracking up.</p>

<p>Life at a Service Academy contains all sorts of crazies that occur. You can do a search on YouTube..and find literally dozens of the videos resourceful mids have posted of things like 'hall surfing'....or spirit ads...or 'who gets the brick'....or summer seminar detail....or Plebe summer.</p>

<p>Take you time, pop some popcorn and enjoy the show!</p>

<p>YouTube has many hilarious videos. They may look like they don't take it seriously, but its what happens on fridays when classes are over. They just need to unwind, and it turns into our entertainment! Try to find the Kaydet Gump spirit spot, it will keep you lauging for sure.</p>

<p>my favorite USNA video:
YouTube</a> - Kiss Kiss Navy Remix</p>


<p>Love the Kaydet Gump trailer.</p>