Acadia, Outlook, Tribeca-'08 Models

<p>Anyone own any of these three? Overall are you happy, or unhappy, and why?</p>

<p>Are you also looking at the Buick Enclave - same platform as the Acadia? I don't own one but I've read some pretty good reports.</p>

<p>ucsd, my H said that he did price it out, but it is more expensive, so it is off the list. This Monday, I believe, begins the NY Auto Show, so I am hoping for some incentives to come out!</p>

<p>I can't vouch for the 08 Outlook, but I have an 02 model. Nearly 109,000 miles and still going strong without any work needed other than routine maintenance. It's the most reliable car I've ever owned - I will never buy anything but a Subaru from now on. My boss has a Tribeca (06, I think) and loves it.</p>

<p>If you haven't already eliminated it yet, you might also want to consider the Mazda CX-9. Compared to the Acadia, it's an inch shorter, over 500 pounds lighter yet has about the same HP resulting in more responsiveness, is reported to have better handling, and will probably MSRP for about $2000 less.</p>

<p>Another contender could be the Hyundai Veracruz. It's 10 in. shorter (yet still has the third row), is said to be quieter than the Lexus RX350, and will be about $5K less than the Acadia.</p>

<p>Thank you. We have not looked at those, so H wants to read about them.</p>

<p>flatlander, Thanks for the info!</p>

<p>My best friend has the 07 Tribeca and loves it. I've driven it too and it is nice!</p>

<p>laxmom, that is good to know, because we have taken a ride in one yet. We were at the dealer yesterday, and we checked them out. The 3 sales people who handle that car were with customers, so we just left. We really did not do our research on it, so my H felt that we should go back another day. I think that my H is really leaning toward the Outlook or Acadia, but we have yet to finalize our decision. The reason is that those cars are bigger than the Tribeca. We did like the Tribeca, so I guess depending on #s he gets next week on the other 2, we might test drive the Tribeca. We also might check out that Mazda that uscd<em>ucla</em>dad suggested we might look into.</p>

<p>I have two friends with Tribecas -- they are both very happy. I don't have an Outback, but our Forester has been a reliable friend.</p>

<p>In the Tribeca/Acadia market space, I would definitely try the Mazda CX-9. I don't know if these are things that matter to you, but the Mazda has the best brakes and handling of the bunch.</p>

<p>WashDad, Thanks. We are not considering the Subaru Outback. We are considering the Saturn Outlook, which is nearly identical to the Acadia. Good to know also about the Tribeca. We get the 5 seater, not the cramped 7 seater if we got one.</p>

<p>I would buy an Outlook in a heartbeat, if I could afford a new vehicle. It's wonderful! All the vehicles in that platform are great, though. You can't go wrong with any of them. Go with the one you like best in terms of looks, amenities, etc.</p>

<p>kelsmom, LOL, with college bills we can't afford it. We also have to get a new car. H needs it for work. He puts a lot of milage on a car.</p>

<p>The GM'ers I know who drive company cars LOVE their Outlooks! It's unusual for a Saturn to trump some of the other nameplates, but this one is a winner.</p>

<p>Update: We would have been happy with any of these cars. We chose the Tribeca! It meets our needs and it is the least expensive. The Acadia and the Outlook are larger SUVs. Mazda was not considered because we do not have a dealer near us. We want a service center near our home for convenience. BTW, the Tribeca was updated in '08.</p>

<p>Thanks for the feedback. Enjoy your new ride!</p>

<p>ucsd<em>ucla</em>dad, Thanks. Just to follow up, my H did look at the Enclave and it found it to be more expensive than the Outlook and the Acadia.</p>