ACC Football

<p>Well this is a RIDICULOUS question I know but I'm from Alabama and football is king here. Good football is not a necessity for me to attend a certain college (that would be crazy) but I'm just curious on how people in more Northern states look at football (ACC).</p>

<p>How is UNC's football team? Do the student's support them at their games?</p>

<p>Football is ok. The UNC football team has been pretty good with some decent wins over the past few years with Butch Davis (31-20 since I've been here, with wins over Miami, Virginia Tech, Florida State, and Notre Dame), but people are really excited with our hire of Larry Fedora, so it should be very good over the next few years. I think next year will be better in terms of student support than the past two years with the scandals and whatnot (lots of people still fuming over Butch Davis's firing). It's not that student attendance is ever bad at football games, it's just that it hasn't been great the last two years (like it was in 2008 and 2009, when the perception was that we were a team that was on the way up). Hopefully, that sense that we're a program on the way up will be revived under Larry Fedora (minus the scandal) and eventually we'll be a perennial top team in the ACC.</p>

<p>Overall, ACC football is good but not great. The ACC hasn't had anybody in the national championship conversation since 2001 and it always seems like the ACC team that gets the BCS bid to the Orange Bowl loses. That said, at least we have an autobid to the BCS that we're not in danger of losing.</p>

<p>On the other hand, North Carolina revolves around basketball in a fashion similar to how Alabama revolves around football. On the day of the UNC-Duke game, the entire state seems to stop with anticipation of the game. I had courtside seats to the game in the Dean Dome this year, and the place shook on its foundation (and believe me, that's pretty difficult to do to a large basketball arena). With one or both teams in contention for the Final Four every year (seriously, of the last 33 Final Fours, Carolina or Duke has made it to 20 of them), it's hard not to get caught up in it all...</p>

<p>I'd also like to add that your question isn't as ridiculous as you seem to think it is. One of the things that I found out about myself by going to UNC is that I LOVE sports. And not just basketball (even though basketball is and always has been my favorite sport). I've been to football games, soccer matches, baseball games and even gymnastics meets at UNC. You probably shouldn't pick schools solely on success in sports, but I think that a good sports program can be a huge part of a happy undergraduate career.</p>

<p>Thanks so much phonyreal98! i am a huge UNC basketball fan so I'm aware of the rivalry with the blue devils and I'm excited to know that UNC will provide some sports excitement.</p>