Accelerated Master’s Degree

So I am a new college student, going off to study at RIT in August. I am a Computational Mathematics major and already have a lot of credits that transfer from college level courses from high school. I know there is an accelerated master’s program that lets me get my master’s in 5 years, but I already have most of my first year and some of my second year classes completed. If I were to take certain classes, plus maybe a summer semester I will be able to get my bachelor’s in 3 years. If I were to do the accelerated master’s program as well, I will be able to get my master’s degree in 4 years. I was just wondering do you guys know anyone else who has done that, or what the percentage of people that do that are?

The number of people who do that is immaterial. What matters is whether doing that makes sense for you.

Make an appointment with your academic advisor when you get to school to discuss.