Accelerated Med Program Interview Tips

<p>Hey guys! For those of you who have already had your interview for a BS/MD program, how did it go? Was it very formal? Did they ask about current news?
I have my interview soon and I don't really know what to expect. I don't want to be freaking out though! Any advice/comments would be appreciated! :)</p>

<p>Pretty relaxed and on the short side, I had 4 so far. Might ask you about an issue in medicine or development, one of mine did. Make sure you can articulate why medicine and back it up with experiences you've had. Also, they will likely ask for a moment of leadership, failure, stress etc in your life and your response to it</p>

<p>It really does depend on the interviewer but the most generic advice i can give is that they're looking for passion and compassion. Also which program? b/c interview length can also vary by that. Try to be relaxed, know how to describe your experiences in a way that makes it clear why you want to be a doctor and try to relate your answer to your experience if you can. Just be prepared for the tell me about yourself, why doctor, why a BS/MD program, what's the biggest challenge facing healthcare, and make sure you can talk about all your experiences, and maybe an ethical one about physician assisted suicide, and surprisingly what do you do for fun is a common one. Brushing up on the Affordable Care Act is probably the most you'll need in terms of current events for interviews. Also make sure you have maybe a couple questions to ask them.</p>