Accelerated programs

<p>i didn’t realize this before but is applying for an accelerated program (medical) more competitive than just applying for boston u? like, say u get rejected from the accelerate dprogram, could u still get accepted to bu???</p>

<p>It is much more competitive. Don't know about the 2nd part of the question.</p>

<p>I am actually in one and I'm pretty sure they're more competitive based on just the number of people who are enrolled. There are no more than 30 or so in mine (if that) but I'm not sure about some others. As for the second part of your question I dunno.. I mean if you get rejected from any school or program at BU you will be considered for CGS which is still part of BU. You'd have to call admissions to see if you could apply to an accelerated program and then be considered for a school or major other than CGS...</p>

<p>...what does CGS mean???</p>

<p>oh also.. </p>

<p>my gpa is 3.8 act is 30
im in nhs, best uddies, ecology club, science olympiad, math honor society, spanish honor society etcetc...</p>

<p>based on that, do you think i have a chance of being accepted to the accelerated medical program??</p>

<p>CGS is the college of general studies. Admissions requirements are significantly lower and anyone rejected from a program or school at BU is automatically considered for admission at CGS. If I were you I wouldn't be too concerned with that though because from what it looks like you are more than qualified for admissions at just about any school or major at BU. What you should look into though as I mentioned before is being considered for another school or major if you are rejected from the medical program instead of CGS because you would easily be accepted Pre-med at Sargent or CAS. And sorry but I really don't know what the standards of admission are for the accelerated programs but like I said you are very qualified.</p>

I'll def look into that!</p>

<p>Do look into the CGS question carefully. Deferral to CGS is not an option for all colleges (not for CFA or, I think, UNI, for example), so don't assume it will be possible if you're not accepted to the accelerated program.
Good luck!</p>

<p>I don't think it's a CFA option, but UNI doesn't exist anymore so that doesn't count. If you weren't accepted into the Accel Med Program, you could still be offered admission into BU in general (like CAS, not necessarily CGS) if you have those great scores. If you're even thinking about Accel Med, I'm sure you have great credentials, it's a tough program to get in to.</p>