Accept, Defer, or Reject

<p>SAT I: 1450
SATII: Writing 800, Chem 800, iic 780
GPA: 95
APs: 10th grade: Euro 5, 11th grade: Chem, 5, Psych 5, US History, 5, 12th grade: Physics C, Bio, Calc BC, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, English, French
Sports: Varsity Tennis (4 years)
ECs and Leadership: National Honor Society, Newspaper (Editor in Chief), Literary Magazine (Editor), Class President, Interact, Model UN (chaired once, outstanding delegate award), Piano (12+ years, NYSMTA leading tone, participated in NYSMTA student achievement and various competitions)
Community Service: 100+ hours of tutoring, working for political campaigns, etc
Research: 100+ hours of research in biochemical engineering lab, work to be published in journal
Caucasian male applying from the Long Island area</p>

<p>Accept, Defer, or Reject?</p>

<p>I don't have the slighest clue of the applicant pool for SCEA; however, in relation to people on this board who are applying to SCEA, i would have to say:</p>

<p>defer (if you indicate that you want to retake SAT I) otherwise reject</p>

<p>BUT i have been told that the applicant quality is extremely higher on these boards compared to the actual pool, so don't worry! If that is true, then you have a chance!</p>

<p>paulhwk - why?</p>

<p>I think either accept or defer.</p>

<p>Id have to agree with yz16. SAT I scores are within Stanford's range. SAT II scores are top notch. EC's are pretty good. </p>

<p>Then again, I have really similar Stats (1520 SAT, 2360 SAT II's, EIC of School Paper, MVP in Track and XC...) so maybe I'm just rooting for myself here.</p>

<p>As i said, I was going by this board's standards. If the overall pool is the same as this board, then sorry, but most likely you won't make it, and neither would I.</p>

<p>Then why Paulhomework, would you comment that this person <a href=""&gt;;/a> has a good shot even though his SAT is only 1350 as opposed to the 1450?</p>

<p>Great chances. Definitely either accept or defer. Everything looks good! Good luck!</p>

because that person said he has the potential to be on the basketball team!!!!!! and i said he has a good shot only if he's good enough to be on the team.</p>

<p>stanford allows lower stats for its athletes (or at least that's what i think)</p>