accept housing then get rescinded - lose 3000 dollars?

<p>if you get rescinded, will you lose the initial payment of 3000 for ucla housing!?</p>

<p>no you'll only lose your contract administrative fee, which is $300 prior to end of July & $400 after.. Why do you think you'll be rescinded? :( Didn't you have over a 3.0?</p>

<p>haha yeah im pretty sure im okay. I got one C+ last quarter and they said it was okay.</p>

<p>If i get another C+ this quarter then Ill have 2.98gpa haha no joke. ~3.6 total
But i got an 86% on the last physics midterm so hopefully i dont get a C</p>

<p>but yay im glad i wont lose 3000 bucks cause my dad would shoot me</p>

<p>ya I think I was talking to you before on a previous thread.. I had screen name ShawnaB and my last name but I decided to create a new account w/o my last name. I was going through your same situation thinking I failed a chem final but apparently my professor graded our final w/ the wrong key!! lol so I ended w/ 3 A's & 3 B's. I'm sure you are fine!</p>

<p>thanks! i appreciate it!</p>

<p>LOL i hope you get rescinded, apply again, and go to berkeley!</p>

<p>jyi90 is mean. dont talk to her, people!</p>

<p>I'm like the nicest person here, don't talk crap!!</p>

<p>shes pretty nice but she stalks people</p>

<p>true story
I saw her in a tree outside my window a while ago</p>

<p>lol shut up.... i stalked your mom thomas</p>