Accept Wait List Decision???

HI! i was wait listed for school x. If school x called me and i accepted their offer, what would be the consequences of after accepting, revoking my acceptance?

Not sure what you are asking. Are you asking if you accept another school, then get off the waitlist at X school, what are the consequences if you accept school X?

I am asking that if i have a wait list offer from school x, accept it, then get an acceptance from another school that i was accepted RD, what would the consequences of telling school x i will not be attending there? @Gumbymom thank you!

You would probably just lose your deposit. Waitlist offers are not binding.

okay! thank you so much! @Gumbymom

It happens all the time. If you want to attend school X off the waitlist you send in your deposit and notify the school you initially deposited with that you will not be attending. As noted above, you should expect to lose your deposit at the first school. If you don’t want to attend the waitlist school you can say no to the offer.