Accept with Cherubs before Mpulse Notification?

Daughter is looking at pre college programs for MT and Acting. Already accepted at USC and the deposit date is Feb 4. Looks like if she is accepted to Cherubs, she will have to decide before MPulse decision. What does everyone do about this? Do you have to put down multiple deposits to wait for Mpulse decision on Feb 26 or do you ask for an extension?

@anitapitamom - Sorry I can’t answer your question about deposits (D only did MPulse as she didn’t know about Cherubs) but I’d call to see about an extension. Maybe she could at least decide between USC and Cherubs and only make a deposit with the preferred one while waiting on MPulse.

This was five years ago, but I can say that D knew a few kids who did both programs (over two summers) and they seemed to prefer Cherubs as it apparently provided the kids with a bit more autonomy and with the MT extension was longer. You did work with faculty of UMich at MPulse versus guest artists at Cherubs, yet the kids D knew who did both ultimately chose Northwestern for college for what that limited sample is worth.

Thank you!