Acceptable identification of SAT

<p>I am from Pakistan and registered fro SAT in this week.College board requires to bring original passport on SAT test day for Pakistani sudents but I have submitted my original passport for VISA.So what shoul I do. I mailed them that I have submitted my original passport for visa so I can't bring that on test day but they replied that only original pssport is required for pakistani students.</p>

<p>What shuold I do bcz only few days are left to my SAT test .</p>

<p>Help me.............</p>

<p>I am not from pakistan but, try and ask the test center people, they might have solution. Ask them, for example, if they accept citizenship.</p>

<p>Or else, you can contact and ask embassy if anything can be done about it.</p>

<p>I have mailed them but still they replying that u need to bring passport otherwise u won't be able to take SAT test.My test is on 19th November.</p>

<p>Please help.......................................</p>

<p>This sounds like something you need to discuss with Collegeboard. As unhelpful as this comment is, I'm not really sure what advice we'll be able to give you if collegeboard has given one specific answer.</p>