Acceptable scores?

<p>I'm planning on applying to some very selective schools, possibly Penn, Harvard, for engineering/science....with a solid class rank and very good SAT scores...but my SAT Subject Test scores are definitely less than stellar. I am planning on retaking tests/taking new tests in October, but I was wondering what scores are considered "good" at such schools.</p>

<p>My scores were:
Chemistry-680 (retaking)
Math IIC-740 (retaking)
US History-670 (not retaking, I'm not even sure why I took this in the first place...I'm bad at history)
Spanish-taking first the 1st time in October</p>


<p>Wow, your SATIIs are not good at all for these schools. If you want to do engineering then your math and chem scores mean a lot because it is a way to level the playing field to see who learned more, and not whose teacher gave As. In my experience, lots of kids get 800s on the mathIIC so i think you need to raise that to an 800. Your chem score, however, only needs to be around a 750. If you think you can do better on the physics test, take it instead. Your location says near Chicago, so i would look at UIUC and NU because they are just as strong in engineering as Penn and Harvard (UIUC is one of the best state schools in the field). If Penn and Harvard are the places for you tho, then yea, you need to raise the scores so you dont seem weak in two core areas for an engineering major.</p>

<p>Your Math IIC should be 10 pts higher if you're planning on engineering. Raise chemistry at least 20 pts. Try to shoot for a 700+ for Spanish.</p>

<p>wow i hope you really have GOOD SAT and GPA scores...</p>

<p>like 2300+!</p>

<p>well anyways yeah you really should retake them...</p>

<p>like I said, I know that those scores are low...thanks for the replies! And also, I know UIUC is a great school, I'm just not sure I'm willing to go to a school that 90+ seniors from my high school attend each year. And I am definitely considering NU :)</p>

<p>And further information:
GPA (unweighted): 3.9/4
GPA (weighted): 5.03
Rank: 4/870
SAT I: 2380 (Math:790, Reading:800, Writing:790)
ACT: 35</p>

<p>Anything else anyone wants to know, I'll be happy to provide if it helps.</p>

<p>Yeah, try to aim for 800 for IIC, and Chemistry in 700s. </p>

<p>BTW, how'd you get an 800 for SAT I reading?! I know this isnt related to this thread, so you can pm me if you want. I'm dying to know, since I'm HORRIBLE at CR.</p>

<p>thanks for all the input...I'm going to start studying now, especially for the chem test since I'm not in the class anymore :\ If anyone else is reading this, I'd love to hear more opinions :)</p>

<p>posten those scores i think counts as a pretty good online *****slap. congrats and good luck</p>