Acceptance and program information

Has anyone else received the acceptance call. And can anyone share any finance, scholarship and updated information about I U current program.

We haven’t heard anything yet … but did hear that a young man in our city was accepted about two weeks ago - but that could be false.

I heard of acceptance calls and know a girl who was wl by phone.

@japbmom, mtmamma2020 my D did received the phone call last Saturday and she was accepted as a MT BFA. Now Uof A in on the table with two others of her top picks. We are feeling blessed and honored to have these choices. Now we just need to get more information about the program as a whole. Hopefully from someone who has a direct connection with the musical theater program. My wife and I are considering a return visit to attend one of the productions of rent.

Yes - I heard today that if you didn’t get notified yet - you are either a No or on the waitlist. The Professors emails addresses and phone numbers are on the website if you want to contact someone at the school.

Still don’t have an official notification, but our information on the website went from “under review” to “decision ready.” I suspect that decision is a rejection, but I guess we’ll have to wait for the mail to find out for sure.

@kendra16 - My D is interested in the program. Whatever happened with your D? Did she end up choosing Ariz? What did your research tell you about the program? Did you see a show there? THANK YOU

@DrowsyChaperone the girl I know who was accepted to U of A ended up at NYU so I am not much help. Arizona has 2 new directors of their MT program – who are excellent (and they have been known to post here as well). The program is up and coming, it used to be a “cut” program not sure if it still is.

@DrowsyChaperone - We didn’t choose Arizona. My D is at Indiana University South Bend MT program. It was the best fit and a great decision. She is getting plenty of work in this program. And has been nominated to compete at the regionals for Irene Ryan Acting Competition for The Kennedy College for Arts Festival. She was casted as the lead in the play “The Shape of Things” thus the nomination. IUSB allow their freshmen to audition for all production and that is a great opportunity. My D also was casted in the lead for the spring next two productions. I only mention this to show the tremendous opportunity the students get in this program. Their program is worth checking out. My Daughter was accepted into many programs including Baldwin Wallace and Indiana University Bloomington, but they were just not affordable. But one of her high school classmate, a male, was accepted and enrolled into U of A Mt program. He has been in one show as a freshmen and is doing a freshmen showcase this week. Unfortunately I don’t have much information about their program, because my D chose IUSB. But I do know that he is doing well at U of A in the MT program. Sorry I couldn’t be of much help. My daughter and her classmate talks daily and I will have her tell him to call me see if I can get ANY information that might be of help.