Acceptance by Phone?

<p>My brother received a phone call congratulating him on his acceptance to Wake Forest University from a person who gave her phone number/name if he had any questions. Is this strange?</p>

<p>yea......that is strange</p>

<p>good 4 him tho</p>

<p>omg!!!! Accepted over the phone!! I jst got off the phone w/someone (undergrad volunteer)</p>

<p>WOO! I just got in over the phone as well!</p>

<p>Are anyone of you URM's? My friend who got a call today is, so I was just wondering.</p>

<p>My friend also got a call but none for me yet. URM's = ? Sorry!</p>

<p>I am a URM and I got accepted today too! They invited me to the mosaic weekend and I am definitely going.</p>

<p>i am URM and got accepted today too! this is so exciting! </p>

<p>i thought it was very weird to get accepted over the phone though... i have never heard of a school doing that. </p>

<p>do you guys think it was just URM's accepted over the phone? that would be weird...</p>

<p>What does URM mean?</p>

<p>URM= underrepresented minority</p>

<p>Congratulations to those of you who have been accepted. Sounds like the rest of us will be receiving notification later this week.</p>

<p>I'm asian so if that's a urm at Wake then yes.</p>

<p>ugh, I'm asian but I didn't get a call :/</p>

<p>lame, oh well</p>

<p>Wake does want to promote diversity, so maybe they are trying to be EXTRA nice to the URMs to get them to attend...idk just a possibility</p>

<p>I know a few other schools notified URMs early so they could attend MOSAIC weekend for minority recruitment.</p>

<p>wow, azns underrepresented at wake? sweet..Go azns!!</p>

<p>Wow! Congratulations to everyone who's heard so far, and good luck to everyone on Thursday!! =)</p>

<p>is thursday when we find out??</p>

<p>Decision: ACCEPTED</p>

[<em>] SAT: 1270/1860
[</em>] SAT IIs:
[<em>] ACT:
[</em>] GPA: 3.9W
[<em>] Rank: top 20%
[</em>] Other stats: AP Env. Sci- 4, APUSH- 5
[<em>] Essays: ehh...I didn't edit them or spend much time on them, but I was on a roll. I spit them out in about 2 hours. They were probably very good.
[</em>] Teacher Recs: amazing
[<em>] Counselor Rec: ehh...
[</em>] Hook (if any): I am amazing.
[<em>] State or Country: NC
[</em>] School Type: public
[<em>] Ethnicity: human
[</em>] Gender: male
[/ul]Other Factors:[list]
[<em>] Extracurriculars: 3 varsity letters/ 30 hour work weeks since freshmen year, leadership positions in 2 clubs
[</em>] Why I think I was accepted/rejected/waitlisted: Strength of schedule and committment to community service.
[*] Other thoughts: this is pretty cool since I got denied by duke. For now its Wake or UNC.</p>

<p>wolf were you accepted by phone</p>