Acceptance Chances

<li>94 Unweighted Average</li>
<li>96 Weighted Average</li>
<li>32 ACT</li>
<li>740 Chem SAT II, 710 on US SAT II, 700 on Biology SAT II</li>
<li>5 AP World, 5 AP Lang. & Comp, 4 AP US, 4 AP Chemistry</li>
<li>Member of the National Honor Society</li>
<li>I'm currently a senior taking AP Macro, AP Calculus, AP Biology, AP Stats, and AP Literature.</li>
<li>I was the Varsity Rifle Team for 4 years and have been the captain for the past 2 years.</li>
<li>top 10% of my graduating class of about 350</li>
<li>three very complimentary letters of recommendation</li>
<li>about 15 solid voluteer activites and extracurriculars
Any chance I could get into Columbia?
I'm also a four year art student and will be including a sample of my art portfolio with my application (my art teacher said it should make me stand out, he used to be an admissions counselor)</li>

<p>I think you will get accepted. Columbia accepts 20% of Early Decision applicants and 3% of Regular Admission applicants. Your SAT and ACT scores as well as your GPA are in range, you're a member of NHS, and you have strong extracurriculars. I think you have a great chance. Good luck!!!</p>