Acceptance changed to Rejection?!

So, my sister got accepted into Brooklyn College SEEK program. She accepted and handed in all the paperwork and everything. She has not been getting emails and phone calls like her friends have been and she decided to visit them and ask them what’s happening. They said that they are “overbooked” as too many people are accepted into the program and that she should probably look elsewhere. I’m not sure what to do as deadlines for acceptance to other colleges have already passed.

[The Search for Education, Elevation, and Knowledge (SEEK) Department is the Brooklyn College branch of the legislatively mandated higher education opportunity program at each of the senior colleges of the City University of New York. Established in 1966, the SEEK program provides special academic, financial and counseling assistance to students entering college for the first time. The program is designed to advance equality in higher educational opportunity at CUNY.]

Your sister needs to ask her own question. Closing thread.