acceptance coupon

<p>How will I know that cornell has received my acceptance coupon? I live in chicago and i sent my coupon on monday,so they should receive it by today. Are they going to send you and email or notification?

<p>You’ll receive an e-mail that your netID is on the way by postal mail with log-in info. It says to wait for two weeks. Got mine the next day. Helps to live in Ithaca.</p>

<p>I got this small brochure with a to-do list, but I don’t see any NetID.</p>

<p>relax. My daughter mailed hers the very last day and it was fine.</p>

<p>bigboy101- try using your application ID to log in check to see if it was received at saugus- if university has record of your cell number, when you log-in to above site and click on to net ID/Email they will give you an option to receive your Access Code through Via Text or by mail. my DD option for text mssg and she was able to activate Net ID and Cornell Email right away :)</p>

<p>I always suggest that if you can, mail such important items from your local post office and send it “returned reciept”… So when its delivered, someone at their end has to sign for it and you get that comfirmation back… this will make things a lot less stressful for you… it may cost you a few bucks but well worth it! I think with todays techology, you can even track it… not too sure but you can ask when you are mailing items off.</p>

<p>My son mailed his acceptance from california (certified mail with return receipt) - we have not yet received the return receipt, no net Id either and when he logs in it shows coupon as pending - but his deposit check was just cashed yesterday - so suggest you check that.</p>