Acceptance Decisions

When does CU Boulder release their first round of acceptances?

Its a bit like rolling admission, so the earlier you apply to CU Boulder the earlier you will hear back. One of my sons applied in October and heard by January, including merit based awards in two separate letters. Other son applied early September and heard by November, again with two merit awards, one from College of Engineering and one based on ACT scores, awarded then or a week later.

If you wait to January, they get flooded with applications and you may not hear until APRIL.

Apply early.

So while there technically are two deadlines , they do evaluate and fill the class with strong applicants early at CU Boulder is my understanding, if you meet the requirements of the college you are applying to. Its a GPA/ACT/Class standing kind of YES/NO decision for most state schools including CU Boulder.

@Coloradomama do you mine sharing their stats and studies. Thanks

Both had all As in an IB program at a Colorado Public high school. One had ACT=33 composite , the other ACT=34 or 35 composite. Both got into Engineering college with university scholarship based on the ACT and a smaller extra one from College of Engineering. (they each took the ACT twice, once without writing and once with, so they could get a composite score). The university scholarships ACT scores needed, and dollar amounts, are on the CU Boulder scholarship website I believe. The two scholarships combined added up to exactly a half tuition scholarship. The tuition for the College of Engineering is slightly higher than Arts and Sciences tuition at CU Boulder.

Another option: The Norlin Scholarship is hard to win but will add about $5000 per year for the lucky winners. Students can apply to Norlin twice, once as a high school senior and if they do not win, they can try again after enrolling at CU Boulder. There is also the Boetcher Scholarship. Being a runner up in the Boetcher may qualify a student for even more CU scholarships. Only 40 students in Colorado can win a Boetcher and its a full ride to any in state school, public or private.

My daughter’s application was submitted and completed the end of October and she just heard this week. She was accepted into Aerospace Engineering. The rolling admissions is nice.

@offshegoe do you mind sharing her stats or at least gpa & test.

I was accepted yesterday for Ecology & Evolutionary Biology. I had a 34 ACT and a 4.0 UW/4.57 W GPA.

Hi, I applied end of October and still haven’t received anything yet. Do any of you think it will be coming in soon?

Has anyone been accepted to Leeds yet?

@amb702 They said the first day they would send out decisions was 11/15, so you’ll probably get yours soon. I’m not sure why I and some other people got ours early.

D accepted on portal yesterday; application complete 31 Oct. ACT 34, GPA 4.0, School of Arts & Sciences (Neuroscience).

I applied October 26, when do you think I’ll get a decision?

D applied October 24. Even though she received a notice that the application was complete about a week after she submitted the application, yesterday I (the parent) received an email telling me that her application was complete and that they were “delighted” my daughter had applied. Was a very bizarre email. This is her first choice (she’s OOS) so she’s extremely nervous. ACT 29 (30 Superscore)/GPA 3.79. School of Business.

My mom got the same email yesterday aswell

does anyone know when they will send decisions, i applied oct 26

@maicenstuart I applied on October 19 and got my decision today, so yours should be soon!

my portal is bugging out

@studeam are you In-state or OOS?

@maicenstuart In-state.

I wonder if it will make a difference if the applicant is oos or in state.