Acceptance for 6 year med? -- Average Student (UMKC 6 Year Med Students, Help!)

Hello everyone!

I’m a junior in high school and in a competitive life sciences program at my school (I was transferred from my home high school to attend this high school). I came to this school because ever since middle school, I wanted to pursue medicine, thus leading to this high school, website and my post.

I was wanting to hear from a UMKC 6 year med student about acceptances… I read on the website that the lowest act is 22 and the lowest GPA is 3.0.

Well… from the title of this post, I’m an average student. I may be in this life sciences program (21st century), but I have an unweighted GPA of 3.5, weighted 3.7, have taken all AP classes, and have an ACT score of 22.75 (My first score, I’m planning on retaking it soon!). I am also on the school’s science team, regularly volunteer at a hospice house and am going to take an EMS (Emergency medical services) class offered at my school, as well as CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant)

I’m very passionate about wanting to pursue medicine, but I’m terrified that my GPA will seriously hinder my chances. Do you think I will be accepted into the UMKC 6 year medical program? It’s okay if you’re honest with me, then I can try to improve my grades and try to score high on the AP tests!

Thank you!