Acceptance Letter

I don’t know if anyone will actually answer this or have an answer, but I applied on the Regular application date, April 1st and I am wondering when I would recieve an acceptance letter. I am also wondering what kind of merit aid I would recieve. I recieved stuff in the mail saying that there were still scholarships available for the April 1st deadline. My ACT score is a 34 and my GPA is 3.98 unweighted. I also had an interview with an admissions counselor and I think it went alright. I have not really been in leadership, but I have been fairly involved in high school: four years in marching band and four years playing rugby. If you have any idea when I will recieve an admitance decision and/or what kind of merit aid I will recieve please respond. Thanks!

It took four weeks for me to get my acceptance letter. I believe that is the standard.

The website says, “Admissions decisions are generally mailed within four weeks of completing an application…” I would expect to get something in the mail this week. Also, if you applied online, keep checking your portal. Once you’re accepted, the application portal lets you know and gives you the opportunity to submit your deposit and fill out incoming student forms. If you don’t get anything in the mail or email by Monday, I’d call your admissions counselor. Since this Wednesday is National Commitment Day, admissions will understand your concern about receiving your admissions decision and aid package ASAP.

January 1 is the priority deadline for merit aid. My understanding is that the school has a certain amount of money they can give out in merit aid and more of it will go to students who apply (and commit) earlier on. I wouldn’t expect a huge scholarship since you applied very late. Each student and situation is different. I hope you are able to get enough aid to attend. Let us know when you hear.