Acceptance letters

<p>Does anyone know around which date the EA letters will be mailed?</p>

<p>Application Deadlines*
Fall 2013
Early Action 1 - Extended!
Apply by 11/5/12
Mailed by 12/14/12</p>

<p>Early Action 2
Apply by 12/1/12
Mailed by 1/25/13</p>

<p>Hello JohnHurley94–</p>

<p>Thank you for your question-- planner2012 has it correct. The decisions will be sent approximately a month and a half (give or take a week or so either way) after each of the deadlines.</p>

<p>Don’t hesitate to give our office a call at 800-SMC-8000 if you have other questions. Also if you would like to speak directly to the counselor responsible for your area, you can visit our [My</a> Admission Counselor](<a href=“]My”> page.</p>

<p>Best of luck!</p>

<p>-Jeremy Brown
Assistant Director of Admission</p>

<p>Have the acceptance letters been mailed? And will the financial aid package be included?</p>

<p>Hello 2tocollege2–</p>

<p>The decisions for the Early Action I (November 1) letters were mailed on Friday and financial aid decisions will follow at a later date.</p>


<p>Jeremy Brown
Assistant Director of Admission</p>

<p>Arrived today…very happy for daughter.</p>

<p>That is excellent news, JMD1964!! Hopefully you all can make one of our Accepted Student Open Houses in April. They fill up quickly and will give a great opportunity for her to get to know professors, currents students, see all of our housing options and look at us with a different perspective now that she’s admitted!</p>

<p>Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have questions and we hope to see your daughter next fall.</p>


<p>Jeremy Brown
Assistant Director of Admission

<p>My son’s acceptance letter arrived a few days before Christmas.
He’s very excited, as am I - being an SMC alum!</p>

<p>What a great early present! Hopefully he’ll be able to attend on of the Accepted Student events. They fill up fairly quickly during regular office hours, call 800-762-8000 to register!</p>

<p>Best regards,</p>

<p>Jeremy Brown
Assistant Director of Admission</p>

<p>When does merit info come out???</p>