Acceptance letters?

<p>Has anyone been accepted to LaSalle University for the 2015 Fall term? We keep getting letters about why my D should enter the Honor's College, and she even received an email asking her to apply for the Christian Brother's Scholarship. But to day no letter of acceptance. </p>

<p>I applied to La Salle University over a month ago and I have received the same e-mails but no acceptance letter. I’m hesitant to email the admissions counselor because I don’t want to be pushy, but for a rolling admissions school it seems to be taking an extremely long time…</p>

<p>My D applied the end of September. I called the admissions office and asked, was told letters would go out December 15th. Just seems strange that they are being asked to apply for the Christian Brother’s scholarship and haven’t formally been accepted. Good luck. What are you planning on studying? Is this your first choice school or a fall back?</p>

My D (from California parochial school) applied to LaSalle on 12/3/14. Called LaSalle on 12/26 and they verified receipt and that her application was complete and under review. Daughter then received an email from the admission officer on 1/5/15 expressing that my D’s decision will be mailed in two days on 1/7/15 and if she didn’t receive a big blue envelope via USPS after a reasonable amount of time to let them know. On 1/12/15, the “big blue envelope” arrived and had the word “Congratulations” printed on the outside of the envelope. Daughter also received the max amount for Founder’s Scholarship. Really cool!